31 May 2006

Intro entry

Hia folks,

Now I'v finaly decided to put a serious entry on to this blog. Mind you, we've had good reasons to hesitate a while to explain the purpose of this particular blog, but now that our closest families are well informed we figure that the time has come to fill out the blanks on this page. So, this blog will be dedicated to updates on the Oblak family (i.e. the Oblaks), and due to the wonderfully romantic mood that we expreienced during our stay in Canberra this family does not only include the two of us. Okay, our new family member is not yet "done", but he/she is growing steadily within Emma's womb. If you still haven't cought the draught then I'll spell it out "we're having a baby!" :) Emma's due date is sometime in mid March, and until that date and afterwards we will post stuff here to keep all our friends out there in the big world (That's you) informed about the three of us.

Watch out!