09 November 2006

Only a tiny winy chance...

The title of the post refers to the results of the so called double-test that Emma had undergone in Australia and the results of which we only a couple of days got by mail after waiting for more than a month. So the purpose of the test is to determine the risk of the baby having a chromosome abnormality which cold cause Downs-syndrome. And the adjusted risk factor from the test is only 1:10860! We figure that those are pretty good odds... he, he, the result are two very happy parents to be :)

02 November 2006

Hello in there!

On the 31st of October Emma, in her 18th week of pregnancy, had her first ultrasound scanning here in Denmark. So we got another opportunity to have a peek at our little wonder:) The purpose of the scan was to see if all limbs and organs were in place and functioning as God has intended them to! And the good news is that everything was a-okay. Below is a printout of a scan-imgage of the new Cloud in the sky, complete with a hand and a foot.