30 December 2006

The expanding Emma!

Here's a few photos to document that Emma's tummy is growing at a truly astonishing rate. Good thing that it is growing for such a good reason. At the time of shooting the photos Emma was in her 28th week of pregnancy.

Here we are on Fanø with Daniel's parents at the dinner table on Christmas eve (24th of Dec) remembering the birth of little Jesus. Probably our little cloud is having a good time with all the angels! At least Mummy is taking good care of her tummy.

On the 26th we went for a Christmas lunch with Daniel's mother's family (the Jensens) at Uncle Jens' restaurant on the Gudenaa (Denmarks longest "river") near Silkeborg. Everyone admired Emma's beautiful belly. Here Emma is helping out Daniel's mother Lisbeth with the clearing up of the table. Behind them uncle Jens is collecting some bottles.