27 January 2007

In waiting... in snow

The winter had for a long time not really materialised. Hence, most of December an January featured temperatures between 5 to 10 degrees! Finally, though, it seems as if cold air is decending upon the country. Today, we have had a nice snow covered scenery and below is a little picture of Pikki wearing a thick coat in the park opposite our appartment. Kids are clearly excited that they can spend their Saturday riding sleighs down the small snowcovered hills in the park.

21 January 2007

Writing comments!

For those of you who have tried to leave a comment on the page, we are sorry that we had previously set as a condition that you must be a registered member of this blog. None of you are of course that, thus none of you have been able to leave comments.
Hey, the good news is that now we have changed the settings so that everyone can leave a comment. Note, that you're comment won't be shown on the page before we have approved it. This is to ensure that robots won't leave spam-comments (yeah that does exist!).
Okay, why don't you give it a try?

09 January 2007

More tummy

Just a few more pictures of the baby-container in its 29th week!

Pikki showing off her tummy :)

Daddy Daniel supporting the precious stomach.

06 January 2007

A small update.

Everything is still in good order:) The little Cloud is very lively these days, kicking and punching mother on a regular basis. We've been to the midwife once again and she found nothing abnormal. The heartbeat of the baby was there and sounded just as such a heartbeat is supposed to! Also, we went to the first of three parent meetings where a midwife gave a lecture about the time before birth. By the way we have chosen to have the baby at Hvidovre hospital (website in Danish with pictures). The Copenhagen suburb Hvidovre is a fair bit away from where we live, but the hospital has a "midwife centre" near to us on Amager. When we go to see the midwife and the parents course we go to the centre on Amager, and only for the ultrasound scan, special examinations, and for the actual birth do we go to Hvidovre. That's all for now.