26 February 2007

A night at the hospital

It all seemed to be moving forward, but as Emma had a little nap, the contractions ebbed out. What then? The doctors and midwifes decided that Emma best be relocated to the pregnancy-ward where she could rest and wait for things to happen. And that's where she ended up for the night. It's pretty nice though, she get's to choose from an a-la-carte menu of "room-service" food and after 18:00 she had the whole room to her self, complete with toilet and fresh "trendy" hospital fashion wear.
At around 16:00 my mother arrived from Fanø afterwe had woken her in the morning with our news. So, we rushed to Ikea to get a baby-bed for our appartment. Somehow we had not prepared for the cloud to surface this early.

Tomorow morning at 9:00 she will be back in the delivery-ward and unless contractions have started by themselves the midwife will try to induce labour by some special remedy.

The Big Splash

This morning something unexpected happened! Yep, our little cloud had to wave goodbye to its comfy swimmingpool as it drained out onto the toilet floor! From the parents perspective the event could be described as "Emma's water broke". And all this occoured at 4 o'clock in the morning! Well, a phonecall to the midwife led to our departure to Hvidowvre Hospital where we were guided into an examination room. All the tests have been done and no bacteria have been found, no increase in temperature and what is of crucial importance, the baby's heartbeat is normal. At this point Emma even has a few contractions so maybe things will proceed rapidly.

Pikki calling home to tell about the newest developments!

14 February 2007

The musical tummy

We decided to give our little cloud an early start to his/her musical development. So, the three of us went for a good loud concert at Vega, to hear an interesting Sweedish/Iranian girl play her songs. The artists name is Laleh and she plays a variety of music from slow ballads, good olde rock, groowy raggae, off-tone arabic sounds to nordic folk like melodies. The concert was really nice, once it started - unfortunately we (and especially Emma) had to endure a 40 min delay... standing up.

Here we go! Laleh and band spreading good vibrations. The concert hall is not that big, so the musicians can get really close to their audience. Naaaaice...

When we got home and Pikki rested on our sofa her tummy started moving around. A couple of times (and both of us can verify this) one spot on the belly started moving up and down with regular 1 second intervals! A highly objective interpretation by the parents is that this means our little cloud enjoyed the music too, and now is stomping his/her foot to the beats that he/she heard. Doesn't it sound plausible to you?...
By the way, you can notice how the baby has decided that Pikki's right hand side is the most comfortable to occupy. The tummy is definitely tilting heavily towards the one side!