26 February 2007

A night at the hospital

It all seemed to be moving forward, but as Emma had a little nap, the contractions ebbed out. What then? The doctors and midwifes decided that Emma best be relocated to the pregnancy-ward where she could rest and wait for things to happen. And that's where she ended up for the night. It's pretty nice though, she get's to choose from an a-la-carte menu of "room-service" food and after 18:00 she had the whole room to her self, complete with toilet and fresh "trendy" hospital fashion wear.
At around 16:00 my mother arrived from Fanø afterwe had woken her in the morning with our news. So, we rushed to Ikea to get a baby-bed for our appartment. Somehow we had not prepared for the cloud to surface this early.

Tomorow morning at 9:00 she will be back in the delivery-ward and unless contractions have started by themselves the midwife will try to induce labour by some special remedy.


Anonymous said...


Just want to leave a message to say "Congratulations"!!!!


Unknown said...

the parent!!

Heard from khun Tum that
THE baby girl comming on earth
and glad that she looks like
her father ;-)

Cant wait to see her pix
updated us some soon na

and E pik, u r human mother now!
u know i always wish u good
even in my bad word

just want to say hi and
exciting with your new babe