31 March 2007

Outdoor nap

People in Denmark have this obscure habit of parking their infant babies in their prams outdoors for an afternoon nap. This may seem rather cruel to those who are aware of the unforgiving climatic circumstances in this part of the world, but nevertheless that's what people do, and the babies mostly grow to become healthy roughened vikings. In any case, it is believed to be good for the little ones to get some fresh air as long as they're well clothed and wrapped in order to keep warm.

Here's Anais in her baby-lift, which fits into the pram. Since the temperature is around 14 degrees and the wind is weak we pack her well into the duvet but leave the hat out. In case she wakes up, we have placed some entertainment for her to look at :)

This is how she's parked with respect to our appartment. We have a baby-alarm (a small radio transciever + reciever) with Anais and in our appartment so that we will know if she wakes up before time. Luckily, though, she really enjoys her time outdoors.

23 March 2007


Once or twice a week it is necesary to wash our little cloud - we don't want any grey clouds, only clean white ones :) The bathing happens on our dinner table in a baby-tub and with new clothes and towels ready.

Anais is looking up at Daddy who is gently washing her from head to toe. Once she gets over the shock of being in the water she really enjoys having a bath. And Mom and Dad also appreciate her having a bath...

After getting out of the water she is quickly wrapped in some towels and here something has caught her attention - probably she's looking at the lamp, which is one of her favourite things to look at these days.

20 March 2007

Grandad sees the little cloud

Daniel's father was unexpectedly early relieved from his duties on the ship, and this gave him the opportunity to hurry back to see his new (and first:) grandchild. Hence, Tuesday morning he touched down in Copenhagen Airport and was brought back to the Cloud's.

Grandfather is inspecting his granddaughter... or is it the other way around. In any case there seems to be mutual admiration:)

Morning scene

Anais and Pikki sleeping in!

19 March 2007

Heavier than a cloud

A week after the first visit by the home nurse, she came by again to check up on our little pink cloud. The checkup includes another weighing of Anais and as we found out she is a bit heavier than usual clouds. Actually, she put on a full 250 grams. We must conclude that she is quite apt to suck in milk from her mother.

Here's Anais again wrapped in a diaper hanging off a hook on the nurse's scale. Now that she's grown to 52 cm she has one leg sticking out!

17 March 2007

Making faces

During the day Anais is awake for long periods, and she loves to look around at the world. We have put a small baby picture gallery in the baby-bed for her to look at and apparently she is very entertained by it.

Here's a picture of when our little cloud is watching the pictures. If you click the picture you can see a little series of photos showing a number af Anais' faces also when she remembers that she is hungry and starts to cry.

Little cloud corner

The size of our appartment does not permit us to have a separate room for our little cloud, however, we have managed to allocate a baby-corner in our bedroom. The baby corner features a diaper changing table and wardrobe and a baby-bed.

Here Anais is sleeping in her very own corner.

16 March 2007

Sleepy Dad and Daughter

By now Anais is sleeping quite soundly throughout much of the night. Usualy she can sleep for 5-6 hours during the night. This makes life a lot more pleasant for Mom and Dad and we're very proud of our little precious lump. However, 6 hours of sleep is not quite enough for her parents, so a little nap during the day is inevitable.

Here Anais and Dad have cuddled up and are dozing off into dreamland.

13 March 2007

Gravity check

On the first monday after coming home we got a visit from the 'home nurse'. All parents in Denmark recieve regular visits from the nurse in their home where she checks the baby's condition, gives advice, and answers questions that the parents might have.

The climax of every visit is when the nurse wraps the little thing up in a cloth diaper and hangs it at the end of a hand-scale. According to this measurement Anais had reached a weight of 3.4 kg, which is a little above her birth weight. Main thing, is that she has gained weight!

09 March 2007

Home sweet home

Today was the day that we allowed to leave the hospital. Actually, we are happy to have been allowed to stay there for the time that was needed to get Anais to feed well on her own. We might not have stood up to the challenge if we had been on our own. All in all, we're happy to go, but also happy to have been in Hvidovre for this long.

Daddy is carrying the sleeping girl out of the hospital in the baby car-seat. She was sleeping the whole way back home, probably because she had just been sucking some of mummys milk.

Her first minute in our appartment. Quickly afterwards she was put in to her new bed where she slept for almost 5 hours before needing another feeding. What a good girl:)

Grandmother had prepared a little "welcome home" setup complete with a card, champagne, flags, and a 'kransekage'. As can be seen from the picture, Anais was very thrilled by this gesture!

Weighing gold!

Every day at the hospital we have to weigh our daughter to see how she's gaining mass! As a small baby she objects very much to having all her clothes removed. Hence, a weighing session is always accompanied by a whole lot of protests!

Anais on the scale!

07 March 2007

Delay warning...

Thanks a lot for your comments to the blog. I'm sorry that it takes some while for me to approve them, but I unfortunately do not have internet access from the hospital. Today I'm just stopping by our appartment to pick up some stuff and then to add pictures and approve comments to the blog. Please have patience :)


Nipple massage

Mummy's milk is already there, but we have had some trouble to convince Anais that she should suck mummy's nipples when she's hungry. So far she has mostly been fed with mother's milk through the tube, but on her one week anniversary we together with the nurses decided that we must try and starve our little girl so that she would become more interested in the breast. Initially she didn't respond, but after many hours without food she finally sucked tightly on to mummy's nipples and got some food for herself. Since then we have not given her anything but the breast and it seems to be working. She has lost around 40 grams, but she seems content and we are sure she will start gaining weight again after a few days. Here's a series of Anais feeding on mae's breasts

"Sleepy eyes" has to be woken before she realises that there's food on the horizon. We use a little plastic piece on the nipple so that our little pink cloud can get a better grip with the mouth.

Action time! With her jaws wide open she swallows as much as the breast as possible while sucking for a gold medal. Seeing the ffort she puts into getting food makes her parents very proud.

Aaaah! Now we're full and we can go back to sleep. What a cute smile!


It's nice and easy to change Anais when there is a good changing table, fully stocked with washing cloths, covers, nappies and clean baby-clothes.

Daddy is removing the "unwanted" elements from little cloud's bottom. Not that bad after all!

Our temporary home

Staying in a hospital is a mixed blessing, after all there's no place like home. However, we do feel quite comfortable in maternity ward at Hvidovre Hospital.

We have a big room of around 15 square metres with en-suite toilet and a window facing the garden. Now that we do have a baby with some special demands it is very nice to always have a nurse around whom we can ask about anything. It may have been so that we would have given up trying to breast-feed our baby, but that they will not allow us to do while we are here. Among the other privileges of staying at the Hospital are that do not have to wash baby clothes, we do not have to clean our room, we do not have to provide milk-supplements, and very importantly we do not have to cook for ourselves.

Actually, the food here has been a very pleasant surprise, as one has certain presumptions about hospital food. You order food over the phone and you can pick between 50 or so different items including about 20 main dishes and 20 deserts or snacks. On top of that, the dishes are not at all plain, but actually many of them are quite fancy, and they even make an effort to arrange the dishes nicely on the plate.

And in case you wonder, we have it all for free. That's part of the Danish package, which also includes an average tax rate of 50%. So nothing is for free, but it sure leads to a less concerned life.

A new life-cycle

As mentioned before, little Anais is considered a premature born baby and to ensure that she does not loose weight we feed her milk through a tube which goes right down to her stomach. She has to be fed every 3 hours so this sets certain constraints on our time. The problem is that our little cloud has not yet developed the instinct for sucking milk and hence she would go hungry if she were only given breast milk. During the night, though, we have the nurse on the night shift taking our baby outside and feeding her, so that we can get a good night's sleep. We expect this luxury to be lost when we stop feeding her through the tube. Then we will most likely be woken up every few couple of hours!

Daddy changing Anais before she has her food.

Sleepy girls

Pikki holds Anais while she's sleeping and growing. This is already her 3rd night in free air, but she's still sleeping most of the time. This is probably due to her being fed very well indeed through the tube.

02 March 2007

My name is...

Deciding for a name is for some strange reason never a trivial task. Nevertheles, we have managed to pin down one of our little girl's names. The Occidental name will be... and here it comes... yes it will... ANAIS. Like it or, or, or you're in trouble:) Her Oriental name is yet undecided, and it will probably remain so until we have conferred with Pikki's aunt Kae.
As for now all we know is that she will named Anais ..... Oblak!

Meeting people


Little snow cloud

The 28th of February is the last day of winter, and as if to prove this fact snow fell during the night.

So our little girl IS a winter baby :)

The first night in a life

Technically our baby is still born prematurely and the nurses take extra care that she is well. Hence, they put a tube down into her belly so that we can be sure she gets some food during the first days. It did annoy her to get the tube in, but afterwards she hardly noticed it. On the good side it means that she is well fed and satisfied, which for a new-born equates to less crying.

Here she's sleeping tightly in her cot, utterly unaware of the fact that she is melting her parents hearts...

"Who's that?"

Grandmother gets a go at admiring the little pink cloud (lille lyserøde sky).

Hello world

5 min after the operation had begun Daniel was asked if he wanted to look up over the screen covering our view of the "cutting area" and have a look at our little baby. The midwife enquired him about the sex of the baby and he correctly identified the little one as a little girl. She was carried over to a table where a pediatrician examined her to see if she was okay... and she was very fine indeed! Her time of birth was 12:16 on the 27/2/7! Just 10 minutes later she already got her personal id-number (CPR)!

Getting in to free air is a bit of a shock for someone who has been submerged for 8 months. For a baby born 1 month premature she was quite big aswell, 3.35kg heavy and 48cm long. Here's she still has plenty of her umbilical cord, but this was shortened shortly afterwards.

After having the blood wiped off and receiving a shoot of vitamin K our little girl was given some clothes, which the new Daddy had to put on her. Getting the rags on the little greasy "lump of gold" was not the easiest task but after a few minutes she was all clothed.

Still covered in plenty of grease our little hairy angel could relax a bit in her first set of clothes. Still she did not fancy opening her eyes - too strong light.

Little Cloud, Mummy and Daddy being photographed by the helpful nurse.

A family moment.

Mommy admiring her little daughter as they are both ready to be taken out of the operation theatre.

The first examination of Mummy:) "That thing makes a sound that is familiar to me..."

The final cut!

On the 27th in the morning Pikki was moved back down on the delivery ward to have the labour induced. However, the midwife hand examining Pikki's belly could not determine where the little one's head was. So she decided to scan the tummy, and surprise surprise the baby was placed with the feet down! This means that both the g.p. doctor and the midwife beforehand had misjudged the baby's position and hence Daniel has been talking to the baby's butt for the past month!

It took only a short while for the midwife and the doctor to decide to recommend a Caesarean section. Mummy and Daddy also took only a few minutes too agree and the preparations for the operation were started. Half an hour later at around 11:15 Emma was taken to the operation theatre and Daniel put on a clean jacket and pull-over pants. When Emma was placed on the operating table Daniel could sit down on a stool next to Emma's head and the lower part of the body was taken out of our view by a "curtain". Finaly, Emma was anesthesised and ready for the big moment where our baby would discover the world outside mummy's womb.