25 April 2007

The good and the bad & ugly!

After having a bath Anais' hair turned out quite funny. Daddy realised that her hairstyle made her look like a very well known state-leader.

Definitely Anais Thima is good and then Kim Jong-Il must be both bad and ugly!

Sit up

This morning Anais Thima was in a particularly good mood. It is as if she has jumped to a slightly higher level of maturity, in that she was very active making sounds and trying to communicate with her mother. Oh, and her parents were very touched because she smiled repeatedly when she looked at us :) This is the first time she has been smiling over a longer period.

We tried to put Anais in the "baby sitting chair" to see if she could enjoy that, and as it turned out she was quite happy to sit in it. Because her neck is still weak we only left her in the chair for a few minutes, but now we'll try again the forthcoming days.

22 April 2007

My bed?

Some mornings we let our little cloud sleep with her parents. Her spot is right in between her old clouds who have to be carefull not to roll on to her...

This will be my bed... some day!

20 April 2007

My bed!

Anais Thima still sleeps very well at night. As a rule she has 6 hours of sleep from around midninght till 6 in the morning before she wakes up hungry. Then during the day she usualy sleeps 3 to 4 hours in between meals, but if she has air in her tummy she wants a bit of food all the time in order to feel comfortable.

The little pink cloud is making sure that no one can share the bed with her. No doubt she considers this bed to be exclusively hers!

18 April 2007

1 kg more of Anais

Today we visited the hospital, mainly to check up on the strawberry mark next to Anais' mouth. The mark is not growing much on the outside but it has expanded inside her mouth. So far there is no danger caused by the mark, but in 6 months we will check its status again. While we were there the nurse also measured Anais' weight, height, and head circumference. As expected she had increased in all of these dimensions... She now weighs 4.35 kg (1 kg above her birth weight) and is 53.5 cm long.

Anais' updated weight chart.

16 April 2007

Grasping the world

Now Anais is able to reach out and hit objects. This means that she has also realised that her hands actualy are a part of her body. The result is that she gets very excited when she manages to punch her toys, but also that she becomes very frustrated and upset because she is not able to fully control her movements and hit the toys every time she tries.

Here Anais is on the changing table and manages to punch the toy hanging next to her head.

09 April 2007

You decide!

Both Pikki and one of our friends (that's you Chutamane) have noticed a certain likeness of little Anais Thima to a Japanese cartoon character called Shin Chan.

What do you think?

A walk on the wild side

It's Easter and in Denmark this should coinside with the onset of spring. We looked out of the window and saw only a few clouds. Hence, we decided to take Anais for a walk in the pram. The good thing about walking her in the pram is that she sleeps so well during the bumpy ride. As for her parents, we discovered that in spite of the sunny conditions the strong north-westerly wind made any outdoor activities a very cold undertaking. Basically, we were more than happy to get back home again for a cup of nice warm cocoa... yummy!

We decided to go the 300 metres to the Amager Beach-Park where there's a nice sand beach with concrete paths for pedestrians, bicyclists and prams. Behind Emma and the pram is the Øresund strait that separates Denmark and Sweden. The strait is a major ship lane and just to the left over Emma's head one can see the bridge that connects the two countries.

03 April 2007

The expanding cloud

Today we were at the hospital for a wieght check-up! And though we did have a feeling that she had gained some weight we were very happy to see that she had reached a weight of almost 4 kg. More specifically she was weighed to be 3.94 kg.

Here's a chart Anais Thima's weight history. In the begining her weight dropped a bit as is normal for newly borns. Then after a bit over a week into her life she started to put on some grams and she's just kept on munching mummy's milke since then.

The physical evidence for a well padded baby is to be seen on the photo above :) This is about the only time in your life where it can be considered healthy to have such fat deposits on your body...

My full name is...

At last we have decided for the Thai name for our daughter. It has taken us some while to narrow down one of the 15 or so names that Pikki's aunt sent us. Finally, we picked ธีมา (Thima) so that in Latin letters her name will be Anais Thima Oblak (we still have to figure out the correct way to translitterate Anais and Oblak into Thai). The meaning of ธีมา is a person with knowledge, intellect, and wisdom. As Anais is derived from Chania, meaning God's grace and favour, we figure she'll have a good start in life :)