31 May 2007

Across Denmark

After almost a week on Fanø it is time to go back to Amager/Copenhagen. It's a trip of 300 km from the west of Denmark to the east. The route goes across 3 bridges of which the middle one, the Storebælts bridge, is by far the grandest. It takes us about 5 hours to complete the journey including a long break for Anais and her parents to have a meal.

Our little pink cloud posing with Daddy-cloud in front of the Storebælts bridge.

29 May 2007

Proud cloud presentation

Of course, a little new pink cloud is (relatively) big news on the Island and many people are eager to get a glimpse of her.

Here a representative from the Firkic family - namely Snezana - has come for a visit to see, touch, hold and hear Anais. Fortunately, Anais is in a very lively and happy mood and as before she doesn't mind whatsoever to be held by other people.

Anais' new friend

In Bedstemor's (grandma's) house we use the toilet table for changing Anais' diapers. The toilet features a big mirror and when we put Anais on her tummy she will try and look up to see her new friend.

Anais's investigates her new friend (called Siana) who in turn takes a closer look at Anais. This is an example of the phenomenon of "self-entertainment"!

Now Anais is smiling at Daddy while mummy is fastening the diaper. For some reason she finds it more enjoyable to see people in the mirror...?

28 May 2007

First time on Fanø

At an age of almost 3 months we believe Anais is ready to go for a little longer trip and explore the world that exists beyond Greater Copenhagen. What then would be more natural than to go for a visit to Bedstemor (grandma) Lisbeth on the small island of Fanø where Daddy grew up as a child?

We put our little cloud in a soft pillow on the table and let her watch the lamps and look at us. In this position she tries to examine everything around her and she has now become very eager to try and talk to us. Her sounds become more and more complex aswell as louder and LOUDER!

24 May 2007

Talk and Drool

These days Anais Thima enjoys sitting in a chair and while she's exploring her surroundings she attempts to talk. The sounds she manages to make are only "ah", "agy", or "ga", but every time she speaks we notice some new and slightly more complicated sound patterns.

A side effect of Anais' baby talking is that she also drools quite a bit! Apparently, she figures her tongue needs to push out some saliva in order to speak... wonder where she got that idea from?

14 May 2007

Some of my friends

Anais Thima already has a couple of friends, not all that we have pictures of though them together with Anais.

Here Anais visits Emma - that's not her mother but the 5 months old daughter of Mummys's friend Caroline. None of the small girls seem to be very much aware of the fact that they are friends!

Here Daniella is keeping Anais entertained by rocking the figures on the baby gym. Daniella is almost 4 years old and is the Daughter of our friends Claus and Edith. It's a perfect match of children... Anais is like a live doll to Daniella and Daniella is an ever attentive moving figure that's fun for Anais to watch!

My new playground

Now Anais Thima has a fancy activity centre of her own. This is thanks to the Quantum Optics gang at the Niels Bohr Institute i.e. Daddy's colleagues. When we paid them a visit to present Anais they honoured her with a so called "baby gym" where she can lie down and watch all sorts of figures dangling over her head. The theme of the gym is the Mumin (Moomin), which are figures from a Finnish childrens TV-programme.

The baby gym was put into service immediately upon returning back home and it turned out that Anais is a big fan of Mumin!

06 May 2007

Me so cute :)

Need we say more?

Going downtown

Today was full of new experiences for Anais Thima. Mummy and Daddy had made an appointment to have brunch with one of their mates from Australia, Oliver (who's German though) who was visiting Copenhagen for a couple of days. Hence, Anais took her first trip with the Metro to make her first appearance in downtown Copenhagen. She then paid her first visit to a Café and then heard her first live Jazz perfomance by a group of street musicians! What a lot of new impressions.

Anais in her pram with Pikki at Nyhavn and overlooking the port of Copenhagen.