27 June 2007

Tired arms - diagnosed!

It is very fortunate that babys are born light (all relative) and gain mass in a slow (also relative) process. Of course, the opposite scenario seems pretty bizare! In any case, this gradual weight increase gives the parents time to build up physical strenght in order to be able to handle their precious offspring. To put in in another way, we are constantley sore in our arms and back because Anais Thima keeps adding grams and centimeters to her body.
Today, we visited the "open house" of the home-nurses where we could have our little pink cloud weighed. The results showed that she burdened Mommy and Daddy's arms with 5.9kg and her length was somewhere around 60cm. That is spot on the projected growth curve - good girl!

Anais' very own personal growth plot... what else can you expect from a Daddy in science?

18 June 2007

More mates

Anais Thima, along with her parents, went over to have dinner with Anabelle, and her parents Johnny and Sharmila. Anabelle is perfecting her language and is very proud to practice saying "baby" while pointing at Anais.

Anabelle is grabbing some of Anais' toys partly to entertain Anais and partly because she finds them interesting herself.

14 June 2007

Baby on the move

When we go around town in my mothers car we need to put Anais Thima in a proper car-seat otherwise if we are stopped by police we would be fined. Of course, we also want our little cloud not to get hurt in case Daddy doesn't drive carefully - which he always does, though...!

Just thought we would find an excuse to post this cutie photo of Anais.

09 June 2007


Little pink cloud enjoys to get up in her sitting chair, that provides a good vantage point from which she can observe things around her.

Here Anais is eye-balling the fish that must look gargantuous from Anais' perspective.

04 June 2007

Phamily foto...!

We realised that since the day Anais Thima was born we haven't taken a picture with all 3 of us. The below picture should serve for our atonement :)

Las nubes!

Baby talk or something much more profound?

"Then there was a loud screeching voice from the heavens, and the people gazed up at the sky above where to their amazement they saw a little pink cloud proclaiming."

Anais' manifesto!

(The above link is to an mp3 file which is about 2Mb :)