27 July 2007

New look... a bit

The blog layout has changed a little bit as I have updated the template to a newer one that allows more features. Check out the opinion pool :) And don't forget that you're VERY welcome to add comments to the blog-posts so that the blog becomes more interactive and not so much a monologue by me:)

The blog-assistant!

17 July 2007

Baby ok!

Today we had a visit from the "sundhesplejerske" (home-visit nurse) who weighed and measured the length of our precious nugget. Anais Thima now weighs 6.2 kg and is 62 cm long, so that's perfect... With respect to all other aspects of her development the professional opinion of the nurse is that she is also doing very well. We're truly blessed with our little healthy cloud :)

14 July 2007


These days Anais Thima is perfecting her mind's ability to control her hands. From birth her leg and arm movements were completely random. First, she realised that the arms and legs are actually hers and then she slowly came to understand that she could exercise some degree of mind control over the movements of her limbs. Lately, she can reach out or hit almost anything she wants, but still has some trouble grabbing things. However, she does regularly manage to grab hold of her toys or her parent's shirts and also coordinate both her hands so as to achieve her objective more easily. And speaking of objectives the main one for Anais at this age is to stuff absolutely everything into her mouth :0

Success! Anais has managed to grab and shove the toy into her mouth.

I'm going now!

Our little pink cloud is now ready to explore the whole world! She now has her very own Danish passport so that she can go with Mummy and Daddy to visit all her Thai relatives, who can't wait to see her (and eat her... Daddy will have to watch out for Anais :). Now, we just have to get her some vaccinations and then she's all ready to go to South-East Asia.

Anais Thima showing off her Burgundy-red travel document.

07 July 2007

The many faces of little Cloud

Finally we managed to get some photos that could be used for Anais Thima's passport. Of course two of the below pictures don't fulfill the requirements, but we couldn't resist printing them. Two days ago Anais went with Daddy to apply for the passport and now we're waiting for it to be ready. The reason we need a passport is that we will be going to Thailand this autumn to visit all her family there.

Here are the 5 passport sized photos.

02 July 2007

Passport photo?

We tried to take a photo of Anais' face in order to save the dkr. 90,- that the photo-shop asks for a passport photo. The photo seemed good at first, but a closer examination of the rules revieled that our photo fell short on one demand... Anais had her mouth open. Now we have to try another time and just hope that she is willing to close her mouth, which is actually not that easy when she's looking at something as interesting as a camera.

Anyway, the failed passport phot makes a nice little picture for the blog :)