30 August 2007

Baby carrying

Our upcoming trip to Thailand has forced us to consider alternative ways to transport our little cloud around - unlike other clouds she does not simply drift through the air! Baby pushchairs are not particularly practical in a city like Bangkok unless you stick only to a shopping-mall. Fortunately, there are many options to carry babies in baby-carriers which attached to one's body. However, many of the commercial brands do not advise you to carry babies for long periods at a time. This led 'Daddy Cloud' to undertake a serious investigation of alternative baby carriers ranging from slings to traditional Asian inspired carriers. Finally, it was decided to go for a so called Mei-Tai carrier which has it's origin somewhere in Southern China towards South-East Asia (pictures: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5). An American company called Sachi Carriers offers these carriers in a special breathable UV-protecting material, which seems ideal for a Thai setting. After a very long delivery time we received the carrier and have started using it for short periods so that Anais Thima can get accustomed to it. So far we have taken her for short shopping trips and once back from Fields shopping centre and she appears very happy to sit in it. Hopefully, this will work out well for our Thailand voyage. The only downside is that one needs some practice to tie it properly.

First time that Anais is in the carrier on Mommy. She looks a bit baffled, as if she is not quite comprehending what is going on.

29 August 2007

Expanding the menu

For some time now, Anais Thima has been showing significant interest in what we eat as if she would like to have some too. Thus, we decided to begin to expand her diet by giving her some more "normal" food. As a beginning, we just serve her some plain rice porridge. The first day she gets only two spoons of porridge so that she can get used to and explore the new sensation in her mouth. Fortunately, she seems to be interested in the new item on her menu, so we will just slowly increase the amount she gets over the next few days.

Anais' eating technique has a long way to go before being perfect. She must learn that it is not very useful to stick her tongue out while eating... or maybe she is making a point to her parents?

The familiar outcome of a baby meal!

27 August 2007

Happy half-year day! Hurray!

As unbelievable as it may sound, Anais Thima has as of today the 27th of August been around for a whole half year. It seems like only a short time ago that we first gazed at our little new and precious family member. However, time passes at an ever increasing rate and now Anais is already a big baby :)

Having reached such a ripe old age a fair bit of contemplation is in its place. As usual there exist an alternative explanation, which is that Anais just likes to play with lips.

Mother and daughter - giving joy to one another!

24 August 2007

Little Pink Piggy

Anais Thima has several nick-names including Little Cloud or Little Piggy (Lille Gris (da), หมูน้อย (th)). Some might consider the latter nickname slightly negative, but in Eastern cultures a pig is actually quite a well regarded animal. This may partly be because of the place the pig has in Chinese astrology where a pig is considered to be fat, happy and prosperous. The reason why Anais has become our little piggy is three-fold. First, she undeniably is a little pinkish-white well-nourished baby, who is as mouth-watering as a little suckling-pig. Secondly, she was actually born in the year of the pig and as a matter of fact in a very special golden-pig year - or so we thought! Finally, the Danish word for pig 'gris' rimes so nicely with Anais - Anais Lille Gris.
Anyways, here are a few very pink pictures

Happiness makes you want to streeeeeeeetch!

Excercise is a good thing if you want to crawl one day.

Rising to the challenge

As can be seen from some of the previous posts Anais Thima is getting better and better at sitting up right. Once she has experienced the view from an up-right position she can't get enough and often expresses loud discontent when we put her to lie down. So, to allow our little Cloud to follow more of our activities we borrow Daniella's tall chair from Edith. It's still a bit of a challenge for her to sit in the chair, but as all Clouds she enjoys to be above a certain altitude.

Our efforts to heed to Anais' wishes is rewarded with a smile =:)

20 August 2007


Anais Thima is very well aware of who is who and when we carry her around she always takes a small moment to investigate us - maybe she's checking if we've brushed our teeth and if Daddy has shaved his beard? Being more aware of who she's familiar with and who's a stranger also means that she has become much more skeptical of people. These days we can no longer hand her to someone without the risk of her crying. Well, well, they say that this is the way it should be for a period now...

Looking at Mummy.

Looking at Daddy.

16 August 2007

Sit up exercise

After many days of practice it seems that Anais Thima is slowly getting the hang of how to sit up. Though, she still cannot sit on a bare surface, it is possible for her to sit while she holds on to something. Below is a couple of pictures of her struggle to stay up in the small cot for the pram. As you can see, she ends up being quite confident!

Wohoa! this is a bit tough, but I must stay up. I must, must, must...

Ha ha, this is actually not so hard! Why haven't you taught me this earlier? This is really cool!

Yeah, look at me! I'm not a small baby anymore...

14 August 2007

From watching to grabbing

A general trend in Anais Thima's behavior is that she is no longer content with merely observing things. Instead she is becoming more and more apt to reach out and successfully
grab hold of whatever object interests her. Hence, we can no longer just put things in a place without her attempting to rearrange it. I guess we just have to start accepting an ever more enterprising child =:b

Let me examine my gallery a bit closer. Hmmm, something seems to be wrong! Why do the animals all lie on their backs?

Let me look even closer! Who turned off the ligths?

08 August 2007

Baby + Beach + BBQ

Finally, we pulled ourselves together and went for a BBQ-picnic at the beach. Off we went, with Anais in the pram and mummy and daddy carrying the food, the BBQ, and all the rest. The menu was grilled chicken with grilled capsicum and salad - Yummy! Although, the weather was nice - for Danish standards - it did get a bit cool after the sun had set.

Anais with mummy in the beach-side park where we settled down for our picnic. As usual the little cloud is so yummy that she should consider herself extremely lucky that her parents love her enough not to roast her on the grill =:|

Anais on her blanket behind the wind shelter made up of an umbrella and the pram.

07 August 2007

bigger and BIGGER

This morning featured a visit to the doctor. The purpose was to make the 5 months health examination and to have another bunch of vaccines. As for the result of the health exam, everything was fine. Even though Anais Thima survives only on mother's milk she is growing well and has now reached a mass of 6.5 kg. Her head (in terms of its cirumference) is also expanding rapidly. All in all, nothing to be concerned about.

The newest growth-chart for Anais. As one can see, her physical "dimensions" neatly follow the line that is slightly below the average. Still she is above the 25 percentile, which means that she is within the range of 50% of all babies i.e. she's normal =:)

06 August 2007

Hey there

Are you looking at me!?... Hah, I'm looking back at you!

04 August 2007

Beach baby

The weather in Denmark has improved so that it finally resembles what you might expect during the summer. What better to do when the weather turns warm and sunny than to head for the beach. The last couple of times that we went to Amager Strandpark either Anais has been to young or the weather has been too bad for her to look around. This time she got out of the pram and had an opportunity to see the sea!

Anais and Mummy on a small pier with Øresund in the back. Even though the time is already 18:00 the sun is still a bit strong for Anais' eyes.

From the safety of Daddy's leg Anais is taking in the impression of water, waves, sand and all the many fascinating new things.

Our little family in the sun =:)

03 August 2007

The joys of parenthood

As a parent you often feel like somewhat of a celebrity. After all, like the famous, you experience that someone gets outlandishly excited by the mere sight of you. Unlike the real celebrities, though, the joy is exhibited not by strangers but by one person in particular. Anais Thima has learned this very important "baby survival" strategy to make her parents feel special and thereby earn a bit more patience from them when she's in a slightly worse mood :) Of course, one may also just interpret her grin as an expression of her heartfelt joy to see someone she feels attached to.

He he!

01 August 2007

All efforts full ahead

Anais Thima is getting ever more active. She can sit a few seconds by herself and she can supported herself on her legs although she can of course not at all keep her balance. When lying on her back she often twists her body in order to try and roll over to her stomach, but as of date she has not managed to make the complete roll. Every day, she spends some time lying on her stomach and she looks around and kicks her legs in an attempt to move forward. If we put a hand or a leg behind her she can with a fair effort manage to push herself forward.

Hey Daddy, why do you put me here? My toys are far ahead of me! Are you playing with me? =:|

Oh, no my toys are out of reach! They sure look yummy... I wish I could stuff them into my mouth =:o

Yeah, I'm getting closer. My toys are aaaaaalmost within reach!

Ah whatever, crawling is too much work - I'll just suck my hand! Anyway, my hands are always where I want them =;)