28 September 2007

Family: Another, and another, and one more, and still more.

With most of Khun Yai's family living nearby and given the fact that she has 6 siblings, there is an almost endless stream of people interested in seeing, touching and holding Anais Thima. Some have more success than others. In the following we will keep with the Thai tradition of calling every relative in the grandparent's generation grandma or grandpa even if they are not strictly so.

Grandma Duang (Yai Duang) was quickly accepted by Anais as an acceptable carrier for taking her sightseeing! Of course this only happened upon a thorough examination.

Grandma Pawn (Yai Pawn) also needed only a short examination before she was put on the "green" list. And as can be seen, once your accepted Anais is very open to try all sorts of things. Yai Pawn was even allowed to hold Anais while she was having dinner.

Grandma Kae (Yai Kae) had to wait a little longer before she could grab hold of Anais Thima. Once together they truly enjoyed each others' company. By the way, it was Yai Kae who came up with Thima (in a list of other name suggestions) as Anais' Thai name.

The only person that Anais keeps being afraid of is her Great-Grand-Mother (Khun Thuat). Although Khun Thuat has tried many times there just seems to be no way to get Anais to accept her. We can only keep trying...

On the other hand one can try the second best. We have to play a little trick on Anais and hand her over to Khun Thuat when she's sleeping. And it worked! Khun Thuat got to hug and hold Anais for a while!

27 September 2007

7 months and growing...

Today it is 7 months ago that our little cloud popped up on the sky. This month's anniversary is spent with her family under the hot tropical skies in Thailand. There are so many people to celebrate her anniversary with her!

This picture is actually from a few days before her 7th month day, when she for the first time managed to roll from her back to the front without help. As the picture shows she was greatly excited about her feat =:o

26 September 2007

Meeting more grandparents and more

The big question has been how Anais Thima will react to the many strange people who already adore her. In the beginning Anais reacted as she usually does by happily observing while Mommy or Daddy hold her, but when people try to hold her she starts weeping. After a day of getting acquainted with the people around the house Anais softened up and allowed her grandparents to carry her. At present she almost prefers to have her grandparents or uncles and aunts carry her, because they take her more places than Mummy and Daddy usually bother to go. Well, as parents we can only be happy that someone eagerly wants to share the duty of entertaining our little cloud =;)

Grandfather (Khun Ta) quickly gained Anais' favour.

Grandmother (Khun Yai) is allowed to feed Anais. Actually, she is so keen on serving Anais her food that Mummy and Daddy are free to enjoy their own dinner. Anais' diet here has gone from potato based to rice based, usually with rice and pumpkin as a base with various delicious veggies, an egg yolk, or fish added.

Uncle San (Lung San) takes Anais for a tour of the garden, where this piece of garden decoration gets as much attention as it ever has had.

23 September 2007

Going East ->

Finaly, we were all set to take the long journey to beautiful and hot Thailand. We had a direct flight from Copenhagen to Bangkok. At departure Anais was a bit hungry and she started crying when the plane took off. Luckily, we could soon feed Anais and this in turn also helped even out the pressure in her ear. During the rest of the flight Anais was initially wide awake and curious, but around her usual sleeping time she dozed off. Once in while the announcements by the air-crew would wake her up, but she would quickly go back to sleep again. During the landing she was still sleeping and didn't notice the pressure in her ear i.e. no crying.
In Bangkok Pikki's cousin Por (Phee Por) greeted us at the airport (Suvarnabhumi) and took us to her place for a shower and a clothes change. Next, we went to the old Bangkok airport (Don Mueang) to catch our domestic connection. We had booked a business ticket with our mileage in order to be able to relax in the business lounge with little cloud... ahhhh! Free snacks, drinks and soft chairs!

Anais is relaxing in her very own business class seat!

The last flight from Bangkok to Hat Yai went excellently. During take-off Anais was sucking a toy animal and didn't shed a single tear. During the flight we had to change Anais' diaper and as the plane did not have a changing table in the toilets we had to change her on a seat in the crew area behind the cockpit. When we landed we gave Anais a glass of water to sip from and again she almost didn't weep.
Then came the big moment when Anais was to meet her large family in Thailand. At the airport she met her grandmother (Khun Yai), her uncle San (Lung San), her aunt Kwang (Na Kwang), and her cousin Praeh Wah. After a short drive we reached Sathing Phra, where we first went to see Anais' great grand mother, but for Anais it had already been too many people so she wasn't in too good a mood. Afterwards, we went home to have some dinner and then prepare for bed.

Anais at the dinner table. Our little Piggy is sweating like a pig. It takes some days to get used to Thai weather.

Anais' very own bed with a full mosquito cover.

18 September 2007

Hand on hand on hand...

Baby body parts are just the cutest things around. A little baby foot or hand is so lovely small and soft - hard not to chew them =;)

The family of cloud-hands.

15 September 2007

Great fun with Grandparents

During the days that we have been on Fanø, Anais Thima has become very familiar with her grandparents and doesn't mind spending time with them without her parents. Here are a few pictures of Anais with her Bedstemor and Nono

A freshly risen cloud sits with Bedstemor while Daddy prepares some breakfast for himself.

Time for Anais to have some solid breakfast and today Bedstemor is put in charge of managing the spoon. As mentioned earlier in this blog, little cloud has started taking in other things than milk. Fortunately, it's going really smoothly Anais being very excited to taste something new.

We bet that Nono has not received this much attention at breakfast for a long time =:)

Back in Copenhagen! Nono came along to drive back Bedstemor's car, and Anais had some time to say goodbye to him before he had to drive back (only minimally distracted by the hand in her mouth).

13 September 2007

<- Going west

Before heading to the far east we thought we would take a small trip westwards to Bedstemor (Grandma) and Nono (Grandpa) on the island of Fanø. We arrived late Monday evening and even though Anais was tired from the drive she was very excited to see Bedstemor who Anais apparently recognised from last time on Fanø. Anais is enjoying the extra attention from two grandparents and the dog Wilma and the many new sights and sounds.

Anais in Bedstemor's arms observing Nono.

Anais is "parked" on the table in her Dad's old chair.

06 September 2007

More than a friend?

Today we had the task of taking care of little Carl for a few hours in the afternoon. Carl's mother is in Pikki's (Emma's) mother group and he has already met Anais on several occasions. In the beginning Carl was happy, but as his mother left he started to become sad and finally proceeded to full blown crying! Unfortunately, he has just begun telling strangers from people he knows, and we were by most standards strangers to him. Fortunately, it only took a little stroll in the pram for him to calm down and fall asleep =:) Anais, on the other hand, didn't seem to be too bothered by the crying baby and even didn't really seem to care that Mummy and Daddy were carrying around another baby. She doesn't seem to be the jealous type!?

When we put the two on the sofa together Anais quickly reached out and grabbed Carl's hand. It seems a bit early for her to be interested in boys... Carl certainly looks as if he thinks it's too early.

Double napping

In the mornings Daddy gets up to entertain Anais Thima, while Mummy is left to sleep a bit longer. Hence, it is only natural that Daddy and Anais take an afternoon nap together.

A small and a large slumbering cloud!