15 September 2007

Great fun with Grandparents

During the days that we have been on Fanø, Anais Thima has become very familiar with her grandparents and doesn't mind spending time with them without her parents. Here are a few pictures of Anais with her Bedstemor and Nono

A freshly risen cloud sits with Bedstemor while Daddy prepares some breakfast for himself.

Time for Anais to have some solid breakfast and today Bedstemor is put in charge of managing the spoon. As mentioned earlier in this blog, little cloud has started taking in other things than milk. Fortunately, it's going really smoothly Anais being very excited to taste something new.

We bet that Nono has not received this much attention at breakfast for a long time =:)

Back in Copenhagen! Nono came along to drive back Bedstemor's car, and Anais had some time to say goodbye to him before he had to drive back (only minimally distracted by the hand in her mouth).

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