25 October 2007

Blogging down

The day has come that Daddy can no longer escape the harsh realities of the monetary society and has to return to work. Even the Danish welfare has a limit and this has been reached now after 7 months of good time with Anais Thima. Alas, the fact that job duties now take up a significant part of the day also means that there will be less spare time to keep the blog full of fresh posts. This is not to say that there will never come any new post in the future but merely
a notification that one should now expect approximately one post a week. So there's still plenty of reason to stay tuned to this address.

21 October 2007

Going home

Last night in Bangkok before heading to Denmark. We spent the evening together with the part of Pikki's/Emma's family that are in Bangkok (that is, from her mother's side). We first made it to a restaurant for a last taste of Thai food. Next we went to pack the final things into our suitcases and finally we headed for Suvarnabhumi airport.

Again Anais had no decent place to lie down, so we had to construct a little bed for her. Doesn't it look cozy?

Anais in the airport with Ba Por (oldest daughter of Ta Chang). We had plenty of time in the airport to sit and say goodbye. Mainly, people were cuddling Anais who by this time (almost midnight) was getting really tired.

Na Prang and (her mother) Yai Jae with Anais in the fancy new check-in hall in the airport.

Now from the viewing platform another photo of the terminal building with Na Prang, Pikki and Anais.

And here's the family of clouds high above the floor of the check-in hall.

Before leaving we called back home to Anais' grandparents who of course wanted to say goodbye to Anais. When she heard the voices of the people back home in the telephone she was greatly excited, but also a bit baffled.

20 October 2007

All that attention

It's a true pleasure to walk around in Bangkok with Anais! Everywhere people stop and comment on how cute, yummy and adorable she is. Daddy has never gotten so many smiles from women as during the days he carried Anais around in Bangkok =:) Only downside is that many people also like to touch Anais and especially squeeze her chubby cheeks. It's hard to reject people although one should prevent them from touching her face...

Here we stopped at a booth in Mahboonkrong shopping-centre for Mummy to buy some credit for her phone. One of the women in the booth was very eager to have a baby of her own and was desperate to get to hold Anais. As she seemed sort of decent we decided to give her a go and for some reason Anais didn't care. Well, here's Anais then having her picture taken with a complete stranger.

19 October 2007

Cruisin' round Bangkok

We were fortunate with the weather in Bangkok. During the days we were there the temperature was between 25-27 centigrade, which is rather cool and comfortable for Bangkok. Furthermore, the skies were overcast, making it bearable to walk around town.

So we walked here and there and ended up in this park close to the royal palace. In the park there was, among other things, examples of traditional Thai wooden houses. Here, Anais is sitting (actually sleeping) in her Mei Tai carry-bag while Daddy is posing in front of the model of a traditional house from central Thailand.

18 October 2007

The Southerner gang in Bangkok

Saturday evening was reserved for going out with Pikki's/Emma's old high-school friends from Songkhla. Even though they have moved to Bangkok they still stick together and every time we're in Bangkok they meet up with us for lunch or dinner.

( picture coming soon as Tum mails it :)
Everyone posing in front of the restaurant.

This is how we solved the problem that there was no place for Anais to lie down.

17 October 2007

The sad farewell

Alas, the time came to say goodbye, and what a lot of people to say goodbye to.

A small part of the farewell committee. From left the family's paparazzi Pam, Yai Kae, Yai Pawn, Ta Chang and little Tanh. Anais is just watching in awe!

And this is the complete farewell crew, which went to the airport in Hat Yai to send us off. Everyone from the Phanthuvet household was there except Pikki's/Emma's brother Gun who had to attend a friend's wedding.

16 October 2007

The Tamboon

On the day that we left there was a religious festival called "Tamboon Deuan Sip" (Tenth month merit), which is mainly celebrated in the South of Thailand. The main event is to bring some offerings to the temple where they are placed on a platform. The offerings consist of various snacks and rice prepared for this event. In a very Thai way, the offerings are later taken back by people for consumption. The way this happens is that at some point a signal is given whereupon everyone rushes to the platform to grab some of the offerings. There can be quite a hustle to get hold of the most scrumptious snacks and it all looks awfully chaotic. Later on, people will toss coins into crowds of children who then will struggle to secure as much money as possible. This looks equally confusing!
Anyway, a large part of the family comes together for this event, so it was an excellent day for us to say goodbye.

Finally, a picture of Anais Thima's closest friend, at least if you count the age difference. Tanh is 1 year and 1 month old and is here held by his grandfather Ta Chang, while Anais sits with Tanh's mother (and Ta Chang's daughter) Ba Nat.

There's simply an endless row of grandfathers around. This one is Ta Yuan who is married to Yai Kae.

After the temple we headed for the nearby Sala of Yai Kae to have some lunch. Here Anais is having her diaper changed on the front porch.

10 October 2007

... and some more friends

Partly because of the religious celebration tomorrow and partly because we will be leaving tomorrow there was a family roundup at Khun Thuat's house in the evening. As always when Thai people gather it is with the aim to munch on some food. Since practically everyone in the family are great cooks such dinner gatherings are a true pleasure for the taste-buds!

Anais had a busy time as well, keeping track of all the kids that came along. She spent most of her time in the small convenience store that her grandparents and Lung San have and which is just next to Khun Thuat's house. Main reason is that it has AC and for that reason many of the other kids hung around the store as well. If there's one thing Anais loves it is watching what older kids are doing.
Here are the three youngest (not counting Anais). On the far left is Phrae Wah, and in the middle Khao who is the daughter of Yai Pawn, and to the right is Ma-Plang who is the grand-daughter of Ta Thanawat. Phrae Wah is the youngest of the three and Ma-Plang the oldest. Notice that strictly speaking Phrae Wah and Maplang should call Khao Auntie because she belongs to their parents generation. Funny stuff happens in big families.

Enter Pam who is the son of Ta Wut. Pam is very trigger happy with his digital camera and takes pictures of virtually everything. During the evening he must have collected a couple of hundred pictures, many of them featuring Anais.

Family continued

Obviously the previous post on Anais Thima's Thai family was very far from complete. Here's a supplement to the number of family members that Anais has allowed to be held by.

Uncle Gun (Na Gun), father of Praeh Wah, is caught holding Anais Thima. Even though he hasn't carried her around that many times before, she seems not to mind.

On our way back from the Thaleh Noi we passed by Ta Thanawat in his restaurant in Ranot. Anais was only willing to stay with him for about as long as it took me to find the camera in the car!

Ta Wut unexpectedly came down from Bangkok for a visit with his mother and family here in Sathing Phra. Lucky him, Anais was too busy chewing her hand to bother getting upset =:o

09 October 2007

Trip to Thaleh-Noi

We haven't had much time to go for sightseeing, but one afternoon Phee San took altogether eight of us to see the inner part of Thaleh-Sap Songkhla (Songkhla Lake) which is the largest inland body of water in Thailand. Since the lake is connected with the sea at Songkhla City the water in the lake is brackish becoming more and more fresh as you go further inland. The lake is protected as a bird-sanctuary and indeed there are heaps of birds around the lake. The Thaleh Noi part of the lake is quite far from the sea so the lake is mainly freshwater.

We took the road going towards Phathalung province. This road crosses the Thaleh Noi as a many kilometers long low-bridge. Here we stopped for a photo-op with a fishing hut, the lake/swamp and karst rock formations in the background. The lake is currently at a low level, hence the bridge actually doesn't cross much water, but mainly swamp.

Sunset over Thaleh Noi.

No cheating!

After several weeks of patient introduction and re-introduction of Anais to Khun Thuat (great-grand-mother), Anais has finally taken Khun Thuat off the blacklist! on Anais being in a good mood it is now possible to hand her over to Khun Thuat without any tears. Obviously, Khun Thuat is very happy and greatly relieved that she can now squeeze and cuddle her yummy great-grand-child.

A happy moment captured for posterity.

08 October 2007

Now another 80 years...

Today we discovered that Anais had passed another milestone in her life... her first tooth broke through her gums! The protrusion was discovered by Daddy when Anais chewed his finger. The bite was suddenly a bit rougher! A visual inspection confirmed the tooth's existence and also revealed the contours of the second tooth just below the gum surface. Because of the breaking through of her teeth Anais has been in a slightly cranky mood, not that this has prevented her from having a good laugh once in a while =:)
Now Anais will have to wait for at least 80 years before she again has only her gums, but hopefully she will never get to that point again.

07 October 2007

A Thai friend

Anais Thima is lucky to have a young friend in the house. The friend is her cousin Praeh Wah, who is now 4 years old. Since Praeh Wah doesn't like to go to kindergarden she is home most of the day and likes to spend time around Anais, though she doesn't always know how to play with a small thing like Anais.

Praeh Wah and Anais having a laugh together in Khun Ya/Yai's* lap. Some people mistake Praeh Wah for being Pikki's (Emma's) daughter because she is rather pale and especially because her hair is very brown i.e. not so black. Anais almost has darker hair and eye-colour than Praeh Wah, despite Praeh Wah being pure Thai.

Here Praeh Wah is getting to terms with the fact that her grandfather is "occupied" with another child. She has had some trouble sharing her family with Anais, but she's getting more and more used to it.

Praeh Wah and Anais together with Lung San in the garden.

* As in most languages one distinguishes between a grandparent from one's mother's or father's side. Hence, since Praeh Wah is the daughter of Pikki's (Emma's) younger brother her grandparents are called Ya and Bu, whereas for Anais they are called Yai and Ta. Just hang in there!