10 October 2007

... and some more friends

Partly because of the religious celebration tomorrow and partly because we will be leaving tomorrow there was a family roundup at Khun Thuat's house in the evening. As always when Thai people gather it is with the aim to munch on some food. Since practically everyone in the family are great cooks such dinner gatherings are a true pleasure for the taste-buds!

Anais had a busy time as well, keeping track of all the kids that came along. She spent most of her time in the small convenience store that her grandparents and Lung San have and which is just next to Khun Thuat's house. Main reason is that it has AC and for that reason many of the other kids hung around the store as well. If there's one thing Anais loves it is watching what older kids are doing.
Here are the three youngest (not counting Anais). On the far left is Phrae Wah, and in the middle Khao who is the daughter of Yai Pawn, and to the right is Ma-Plang who is the grand-daughter of Ta Thanawat. Phrae Wah is the youngest of the three and Ma-Plang the oldest. Notice that strictly speaking Phrae Wah and Maplang should call Khao Auntie because she belongs to their parents generation. Funny stuff happens in big families.

Enter Pam who is the son of Ta Wut. Pam is very trigger happy with his digital camera and takes pictures of virtually everything. During the evening he must have collected a couple of hundred pictures, many of them featuring Anais.

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