09 October 2007

Trip to Thaleh-Noi

We haven't had much time to go for sightseeing, but one afternoon Phee San took altogether eight of us to see the inner part of Thaleh-Sap Songkhla (Songkhla Lake) which is the largest inland body of water in Thailand. Since the lake is connected with the sea at Songkhla City the water in the lake is brackish becoming more and more fresh as you go further inland. The lake is protected as a bird-sanctuary and indeed there are heaps of birds around the lake. The Thaleh Noi part of the lake is quite far from the sea so the lake is mainly freshwater.

We took the road going towards Phathalung province. This road crosses the Thaleh Noi as a many kilometers long low-bridge. Here we stopped for a photo-op with a fishing hut, the lake/swamp and karst rock formations in the background. The lake is currently at a low level, hence the bridge actually doesn't cross much water, but mainly swamp.

Sunset over Thaleh Noi.

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