28 November 2007


What happens when you put Anais Thima next to a box of magazines? Of course, she starts browsing through them to see if there's anything of interest to her! She settled on an issue of the Economist, which Daddy thinks is a very good choice =:)

Little Anais treating everything within reach as a toy... Sometimes this causes scratch-marks on our faces!

10 November 2007

From sit-up to stand-up

A new epoch in Anais Thima's life is approaching fast. The change will be that she can see the world from an upright position i.e. standing on her two cute little feet. The reason we make this prediction is that she is now able to stand by herself while holding on the the bars on her bed. She cannot get up by her own strength, but with a little help she rises to the challenge. Her reaction is of course one of accomplishment and joy! Well, well, soon it will be harder to manage her...

Not many days pass without Anais achieving something new, but standing by her own is of course one of her bigger accomplishments.

09 November 2007

Helping out

I'm sure it is in the best of her intention that she tries to feed herself so that Daddy can be relieved from that duty. But... but... but... Of course it is even more work for Daddy afterwards when he has to clean up the food all around the place. Nevertheless, it's an important exercise for her to try and use the spoon. She manages very well to guide the spoon into the mouth, but positioning it so that the food actually stays in the mouth is proving a bit more challenging to her.

Well, she won't be invited for the Queen's banquet, but then again less will also do.

When the spoon becomes too troublesome the best thing is to crab the food in the other hand and then stick the whole hand into the mouth.

07 November 2007

Miss Bucket

As all babies do, Anais Thima sometimes manages to produce a situation where it's is necessary to give her a bath. In these cases we sometimes take a light approach and dip her into a bucket instead of her bathtub. For the time being she has exactly the right size for the bucket and she doesn't seem to complain as long as she gets to play with the water.

Heheh, I'm in the water now.

Well it might seem pretty uncomfortable to you, but obviously it isn't so to Anais.