25 December 2007

My 1st Xmas

Hello out there, all you old people. I want to tell you about my first ever Christmas in the outside world. I was with Mummy and Daddy at home and we had a some food to eat. Daddy put a whole big duck into the oven and roasted it. Mummy liked it and I don't know how it is supposed to taste but I like almost everything, 'specially meat things.
We also went to church but I was sleeping in my pram so I don't remember anything at all.
Then I also got a present from Mummy and Daddy. I'm not sure yet what it is used for but it is some kind of activity centre where I can maybe deal on the stock market or press buttons or launch a space-ship or make a loud noise or... ah! I will see tomorrow.
Then Daddy also took some pictures and I think I look cute on many of them. Mummy and Daddy also look sort of okay on the pictures. When I am old (like you are now :) I will like to look at these pictures, I think.
Finally, I had to go to bed, and these days I am trying to test how much Mummy and Daddy really love me 'cause when they put me to bed I start crying so that they will have to take me up from the bed again. Sometimes, they get a little impatient with me, but overall I think they will pass my test. After all I have to remember that they are only human...

Now I show you the pictures that Daddy took:

This is my family =:) Mummy and Daddy love me soooo much and I also love them big time.

Now we are wearing the silly "nisse" hats that Mummy bought for us. I think they are quite funny and I 'specially like to chew on the round white things. That's 'cause I'm getting more teeth now and I already have four teeth. Haha, now I can bite Mummy and Daddy and make the say Ouch!

Still wearing the silly hat! Now come pictures of the evening's main person... hehe, that's me, Anais Thima.

Are you cuter than me? I don't think soooo!

Look how my hair is so long that I can put some hair clips in. I think they look really good on me and make me look even more adorable. But Mummy and Daddy won't allow me to wear them all the time because they say I will eat them... and so what? Ah well, I guess I just have to trust that they know what they are doing.

Just in case you forgot, I am really good at standing up almost by my self. Okay, I still prefer to hold on to something firm, but just wait till a month from now and I'll be walking all over the place. At least, I can't wait! By the way, I was so clever to stand at the glass table so that you can see my lovely dress. This one Auntie Chutamanee Margrethe bought for me and I think she's a super friend for buying me this one. After all Chutamanee and I understand each other very well 'cause we are both half Thai/Danish.

This is where I eat. Sure, I don't eat rats! And I also don't wear that hat when I eat! Actually, I was waiting for Daddy to finish taking all those photos and give me some food. I mean, I'm patient but sometimes those parents of mine are just a little bit too slow for me. If only I could do things then... well you think about that =;)

Those are all the pictures. Mummy and Daddy told me to say Merry Christmas to all of you who read this and I want to say that I am happy that you want to come to this page to look at me.

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