31 January 2008

Job description: make a mess

Now Anais Thima has reached an age that she is able to do a whole lot of things especially standing and grabbing anything that is accessible. Here follow a couple of pictures showing the disruptive capabilities of our little pink cloud.

Mummy and Daddy pull out the kitchen drawer only a little bit so that Anais has something to hold on to. Next thing, Anais' razor sharp detection of "grabable" itmes has enabled her to get hold of a roll of household plastic-bags! The result is a minute or so of winding back all the "unrolled" plastic...

Possibly the favorite material that Anais wants to snatch is paper. With paper one can do a whole lot of things. First of all paper makes such an interesting noise when you start crumbling it or shake it wildly. Secondly, paper can be torn into many pieces and again this is accompanied by a "nice" sound. Finally, one can chew on paper... at least when Mummy or Daddy are not looking!

Now she really starts shifting big stuff! Other than this lamp Anais will pull down ironing-boards, brooms, well the list is almost endless. Luckily she has only broken one single saucer so basically she's been a good girl.

Now transmitting in the UHF-band

Finally, Anais Thima's hair is long enough to do a "proper" hairstyle on her. Sometimes her hair is almost blocking her view and it would be better if her hair was tied up a little bit. Luckily, we have some very small hair rubber-bands that we can use to create a little antenna on Anais' head!

Whether her hairstyle resembles a fountain or an antenna more is up to you, but in any case it looks adorable...

30 January 2008

Danish beach weather

Every morning after having her breakfast, being changed into daytime clothes, playing a bit and having her teeth brushed, Anais Thima goes for a walk. Well, as she is fortunate/unfortunate enough not to be able to walk, it is actually Daddy who does most of the walking while Anais just sits snugged into her pram. Some days she goes to do some shopping and other days she just strolls around the neighborhood. One abvious place to go is the beach, even if the weather is not exactly fitting the common definition of 'beach-weather'!

I always think that the swan is an excellent choice of national bird for Denmark. It looks really pretty and elegant but once it opens its beak it sounds really rough and unpleasant. Maybe, I'm too harsh =:) Anyways, when we went to the beach we bumped into this fella who by hissing and extending his neck as much as possible was probably protecting the rest of the flock of swans. Tell you, swans are really big birds when they come on land. I dared not put the pram any closer to this two-in-one beauty-and-beast!

Here we are at the beach-front. Anais is curiously observing the waves rolling onto the beach and looking out over the ships in ├śresund.

13 January 2008

Sleeping in

Just a short update on our little cloud. Anais Thima is constantly testing her abilities to move around up-right. She's now very secure when standing up and she can grab and play with various things with one hand while holding on to something with the other. We've had to install safety hooks on our cabinet doors as Anais has learned how to open them - one saucer broke before we took the necessary measure. Her tooth count is now 6, and this has been the cause of some sleep disturbance. She puts her teeth to good use when chewing on everything from bread, cheese, meats, grapes, apples, banana to her favorite avocado. She's now making some distinct sounds when she wants certain things, but still she's not very precise in using them. Well, that's all Daddy could think of now. Next a little photo to round up this entry:

What could be better than cuddling with Mummy only wearing a diaper. Hmmmm... actually Anais is too impatient to cuddle for any extended period of time and it is more the freedom of not wearing any clothes that gets her excited.