27 February 2008

1 year of cloud cover!

On this day today it is one year since a little girl was born into the Oblak family. Later she became known as Anais Thima and now it is incredible to see our little angel knowing that it is only a year ago that she came into the world.


Here are some pictures from the special day.

In the morning Anais looks prety relaxed about it being her birthday.

Later during the morning Anais finds some time to play with her toys. These days she can kneel and get up again without any difficulty.

"Give me that!"

Sticking to Mummy while she's in the kitchen preparing something.

We weren't quite sure what to give to Anais on her birthday as we prefer not to introduce her to too many sweeet tings. Finally, we decided to buy some fresh raspberries and use them as topping on plain whipped cream. To make it look birthday like we added two birthday flags and a little candle. Anais' reaction to this was first curiosity, then a bit hesitating about what to do, next she thought that the candle looked very interesting and stuck her finger into the flame with the result that she got a biiig shock and had to have her finger cooled in a cup. Mummy and Daddy did not allow this to happen on purpose, but Anais Thima was just too fast!

The day ended happily, though, with Anais munching raspberries and mainly cream. Yummy!

26 February 2008

An unusual outing

Now Mummy and Daddy take their little cloud for a walk on a Sunday afternoon and have to figure out where to go on a warm* but windy day. First the family goes to the beach to feed swans some left over bread. After this we try to find some shelter and on the way we pass the new metro line to the airport... and then the idea surfaces to go to the airport for a cup of coffee! Yep, that's what happened... and we paid airport prices as well! Anyway, everyone got to see the airport again and try the metro for the first time.

Anais Thima and Mummy in the departure hall as tourists in the airport ;)

* warm in this context refers to the days temperature compared to the normal temperature for the time of year in Denmark. Warm does not imply that it is actually comfortable to be outside!

Just a character photo

This is just a really lovely picture of our little cloud displaying the thoughtful side of her personality.

Anais Thima wound up in her parents' bed-sheets.

24 February 2008

Visit by Auntie Anne-Mette

A happy surprise to all the clouds was that Daddy's cousin Anne-Mette was coming to Copenhagen and would come for a visit to see her little niece Anais Thima! Anais is a friendly girl but also skeptical when strangers enter her territory. So in the beginning she was only examining Anne Mette at a distance, but soon the tide changed and Anne Mette was flooded with Anais' playfulness. By the end of Anne Mette's visit Anais was getting really tired and became increasingly hyper-active. For about half an hour Anais was so active that there was not a single second where she wasn't walking, jumping, twisting, rolling, laughing, shouting and so on. No way, were we able to put her to bed before Anne Mette left and even after she had gone it took a long while before Anais had calmed down.

At this point Anais has allowed Anne Mette to touch her...

Here we've reached the stage where Anais is willing to let Anne Mette hold her and from then on there was hardly any limits! Anne Mette was even recruited (by Anais and not her parents) to hold her hands as she walks around the apartment.

22 February 2008

Daddy's assistant

On Saturday Daddy let Mummy have a small rest by taking Anais Thima for a long walk outside. First going by metro and then bus to the big park "Fælledparken". In the lake in the park Anais saw all kinds of birds from pigeons, and gulls to ducks and swans. All these visual impressions make a small girl tired and when Anais fell asleep in the pram Daddy went to his office, which is nearby, and then into the lab to do a bit of work while little cloud was in dream-land. After an hour and a half Anais woke up and went to help out her Daddy in the lab and at his desk...

Anais is showing a keen interest in the photo-detector and is contemplating where in the laser beamline she should put it.

Doing some work on the computer is a bit simpler, at least it is fairly easy to provoke some kind of either visual or audio reaction from the computer by just randomly hitting the keys.

Did you want something? I'm actually busy here!

21 February 2008

Finally accepting the bottle

Until now Anais Thima has been really spoiled by having only Mummy's milk and a drinking a bit from the cup as well. However, when it came to drinking from the bottle she has refused to do so partly because she couldn't figure out how to suck it properly. As she is now much more able to do almost anything she, at last, also figured out how to use the bottle! And judging from the amount of milk she wants to drink she had better get used to it... only a cow can supply that amount of milk.

Cozy time on the blanket sucking in some milk.

Now more daring!

Anais Thima's sense of independence is growing as she starts to dare more and more hazardous moves. At first, she would stand up if she had an edge to hold on to, but now she only needs a surface to lean against. Thus, her range of destinations inside the apartment has greatly increased, and with them also the number of things she can reach. Seems like Mum and Dad have just got additional tidying up duties!

Anais leaning agains the kitchen cabinets. As a show-off she uses only one hand.

18 February 2008

Ridin' round town!

These days Anais Thima is really interested to know what is going on in the world around her. To catch a glimpse of all the action Mommy or Daddy take her for walks in her pram. Her parents have a hidden agenda, though, which is to get Anais so saturated with impressions that she will be overwhelmed by tiredness and fall asleep and stay sleeping for a good long nap. Just in case you wonder, it really works!

One of the places she goes with Daddy in the morning is the cemetery. This may sound a bit odd, but the thing is that after a the usual visits to the local supermarkets or other stores the cemetery is a quite and relaxing place ideally suited for baby to fall asleep.

And here's what any parent will call a sleeping beauty. Once she falls asleep she can stand to be walked almost anywhere whithout waking up.

12 February 2008

New toy

Since Anais Thima is now really getting mobile and wanting to stand up all the time, we thought she might be happy to get a toys that she could use to support herself when moving around the place. Mummy went to the toy-store and found a baby-walker with lots of buttons, sounds, colours and shapes. Unfortunately, Anais doesn't seem comfortable with something that moves this easily and most of the time we just lock the wheels and let her stand up and play with it.

There we go! Anais is showing how to push one of the buttons... she seems slightly surprised.

He, he! After all we are all a little bit "superbaby"!