18 February 2008

Ridin' round town!

These days Anais Thima is really interested to know what is going on in the world around her. To catch a glimpse of all the action Mommy or Daddy take her for walks in her pram. Her parents have a hidden agenda, though, which is to get Anais so saturated with impressions that she will be overwhelmed by tiredness and fall asleep and stay sleeping for a good long nap. Just in case you wonder, it really works!

One of the places she goes with Daddy in the morning is the cemetery. This may sound a bit odd, but the thing is that after a the usual visits to the local supermarkets or other stores the cemetery is a quite and relaxing place ideally suited for baby to fall asleep.

And here's what any parent will call a sleeping beauty. Once she falls asleep she can stand to be walked almost anywhere whithout waking up.

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