26 February 2008

An unusual outing

Now Mummy and Daddy take their little cloud for a walk on a Sunday afternoon and have to figure out where to go on a warm* but windy day. First the family goes to the beach to feed swans some left over bread. After this we try to find some shelter and on the way we pass the new metro line to the airport... and then the idea surfaces to go to the airport for a cup of coffee! Yep, that's what happened... and we paid airport prices as well! Anyway, everyone got to see the airport again and try the metro for the first time.

Anais Thima and Mummy in the departure hall as tourists in the airport ;)

* warm in this context refers to the days temperature compared to the normal temperature for the time of year in Denmark. Warm does not imply that it is actually comfortable to be outside!

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