31 March 2008

Trimming the top

It is sad but necessary! Anais Thima's hair was getting a bit too long and especially somewhat uneven, so she was in for her very first haircut... As it is unlikely she would want to let a hairdresser touch her her parents decided that they undertake the cutting. The result is... well, if not stunning then at least satisfactory.

Here's Anais hairdo as we're used to seeing it. Her hair is damp and ready to be cut.

And that's a back view!

Tada! There's the result of Mummy and Daddy's hairstyling skills! Actually her hair looks a little thicker than before.

And this is the new look of Anais! It's really surprising HOW different she looks just because we shortened her hair a little bit. Fortunately, she still looks adorable =;)

27 March 2008

A friend next door

During easter Anais Thima's daycare was closed and she had to stay at home. A whole day alone with your parents can be pretty drab, so luckily there is another little girl just next door who also missed some "extra-parental" company during the break. The little girl is 3 months older than Anais and her name is Gylta, which is Faeroese for "Golden". Yep, you guessed right, her parents are from the Faroe Islands but live here in Denmnark. Anais has already payed a visit to Gylta and this time it was Gylta's turn to drop in to Anais' place. So, Gylta came along with her Dad and the two girls observed and entertained each other for a an hour and a half and their parents were able to relax and chat. In some strange way kids keep each other occupied even if they don't really play with each other.

Gylta and Anais had some apple to break the ice! Gylta may be only 3 months older but she is a tall girl, almost a head taller than Anais.

Still working on the apples...

At this point there was a certain amount of competition on who would get to play with Anais' "walking-toy". However, the two girls seemed to get along very well.

25 March 2008

Who's dreaming of a white Easter?

This winter has been exceptionally warm in Denmark and snow has been almost absent until... Easter! Al right, Easter does come early this year, but still it is surprising that March has seen the coldest temperatures and the largest snowfall this winter. Fortunately, this late cold spell has given Anais Thima the opportunity to experience snow.

Walking in the snow for the first time. Anais was a little unsure whether it was safe to walk in this unfamiliar landscape.

After her snow-walk, Anais went for a pram-ride to the nearby cemetery to view the snow-covered scenery. There Daddy prepared a snowball for her to touch! "Uhhh, that's cold."

"He, he... I will crush this!"

" Woah! That's a biiiiig one...! I hope it's not angry at me for crushing it's smaller cousin?"

24 March 2008

Shopping girl

Anais Thima has been out shopping on several occasions and often we go to one of the shopping centres because it is just so much easier with a little baby. These days we can put her in the shopping cart from where she can have an excellent overview. When she gets tired of sitting down we put her in the front of the cart where she can stand while holding on to the rim of the cart.

Anais patiently waiting in the queue in the supermarket.


In the evenings when Anais Thima is about to have exhausted all her energy it is possible to sit with her and read her a little story. Most of the time it's just a matter of talking about and pointing to the pictures in the book, but it all counts.

Anais and Mummy are looking through the book about a little lamb who was sad because it had curly hair unlike all the other animals on the farm.

Someone is impatient to see how the story continues on the next page.

23 March 2008

Keeping the parents alive

Anais Thima seems to have learned that the better her parents are doing the more they can manage to do for her. As a consequence Anais has started to be concerned for our well-being particularly making sure that we are not hungry by any chance. Whenever she has something to eat she will want to feed us as well, sometimes so eagerly that she stuffs our mouthes. Still, her behavior cannot merely be reduced to a form of self preservation, as at times she also decides to feed people whose welfare will not really benefit her. Bottom line is that she probably just enjoys to be able to interact with people and make them do something.

Anais Thima attacks a banana. Yummy!

Later on we she starts sharing some with dad. Gosh You've got a big mouth Daddy!

16 March 2008

In the "sandkasse"

One afternoon before going for her usual pram-ride Anais Thima was allowed to explore the world by foot. The destination was the sand-box in the backyard, where Anais could touch, dig and taste... yeah, she found out that sand does not taste nice!

Learning how to use a shovel.

Outdoor activities are really demanding!

10 March 2008

More big birds

What do you do on a lazy Sunday afternoon? Especially, when considering that you're dealing with a far from lazy little thunder-cloud! Well, one thing Anais Thima always cherishes is to go for a walk to the beach, and the experience is particularly good if
if the water is topped with a couple of biiiig white swans. After scouting for birds Anais and Daddy continued along the beach at water's edge where Anais could experience the phenomenon of waves breaking on the shore. Yep, that's really exciting for a one-year-old!

Anais with her eyes fixed on the swans.

day care - days go by

On the third day we tried to leave Anais Thima alone for about an hour. Marina brought Anais Thima and Dagmar to the "Farm" where there are a bunch of animals to look at and touch. According to Marina, Anais cried from time to time, but was very busy watching the goats! Then as Daddy came to pick up Anais she broke out in tears and clung to Daddy for 5-10 minutes.

On the fourth day we did the same and with more or less the same result. Mummy and Daddy both came to pick up their little cloud because she was going to the hospitla afterwards. When Anais saw her parents she again started crying and Mummy was very confused!

Finally, on the fifth day the same drill was performed, but with a different result. First of all she didn't really cry while she was alone with Marina and Dagmar and when Daddy came to pick her up she didn't even cry... big girl! Of course she still wanted to hug Daddy, but not for long... playing is much more interesting.

Now we look forward to the next week to see if Anais becomes fully integrated with her new situation =:0

Anais sitting on the play mat when Daddy comes to pick her up.

Anais and Dagmar playing... well probably not so much together =:)

04 March 2008

day care - day two

Second day in the daycare Anais Thima went with Marina and Dagmar to visit the guesthouse, which is where the kids go when their daycare mother is on holiday or is sick. Of course Daddy also went along so that Anais would not be too overwhelmed. Afterwards, it was back to Marina's house for some lunch and then Daddy took Anais back home for her noon-nap. And what a nap that was... 3.5 hours!

Today Anais didn't cry so much in the pram. On the way to the guest house she had an apple to chew on and on the way back she had a piece of rye-bread.

Here Dagmar and Anais are having some lunch. Actually, Anais only wanted to have cucumber, but that's perfectly fine.

03 March 2008

Day care - day one

The big thing happening in Anais Thima's life right now is that she is starting up going to day care. The day care is with a day-care mother who takes care of 4 kids during the day. The day-care mother is in a group with 4 other day-carers who meat up regularly and every Monday they go to a play-house with all 20 kids together. In the morning parents bring their kids to the day-carers home and some day-carers then have the kids at home during the day. Anais' day-care mother has explained that she goes out almost every day except when the weather is to appalling. Outside she often meets with the other day-carers in her group so that the kids can all play together.
Anais' day care mother is called Marina and she lives in a nice little terraced house. During the whole of March Anais' day-care mother actually has only two kids including Anais. The other kid is a two year old girl named Dagmar who seems very gentle and kind and probably she will teach Anais a whole lot of things. In April two more kids will join the day-care.
Last week Mummy and Daddy went together with Anais to visit the day-carer and a pedagogue from the kommune. Today on her first day it was Daddy, taking his usual morning turn, who brought Anais to the day-carer. Probably it was better so, because Anais whimpers less when she's with Dad than with Mummy. After a short while at Marina's home Anais, Dagmar, Marina and Daddy went to the play-house to meet up with the other kids. Here Anais looked around for a bit over an hour before she was tired and she went back home with Daddy. Tomorrow Anais will go with Daddy again and stay until noon. This way she should slowly get used to Marina and Dagmar, and by the end of the week Daddy will try and leave for an hour to see how she reacts. Next week Anais should be able to stay with Marina for even longer.

Here are some pictures from Anais first day:

Oh dear! Anais is not used to this king-size pram and especially not used to sharing it with another kid. Dagmar seems confounded by this little crying girl. Luckily, Anais didn't cry the whole time and Daddy was there to comfort her.

Now Anais has arrived at the play-house and she seems to enjoy all the kids! At first she was, of course, a bit skeptical and wanted to have Dad nearby, but it did not take long before her curiosity won her over and she began exploring the place. The day-carers noticed that after only t minutes she dared to turn her back to Dad and go looking for other kids and toys. They said that this is very good for the first day - she's a brave girl indeed. Here Anais is smiling at William (a bit of a bully they said) and Lara is knee-walking past the very young baby Asta.