18 April 2008

Just another walk.

To enjoy the lovely spring day Anais Thima went for a trip to the lovely neighbourhood of Christianshavn. Anais went along the channels and then came into the park.

At the canal that separates Copenhagen city from Christianshavn and Amager. Anais is really fascinated by water and every time we come to the beach or the port she gets excited and starts pointing at the water. The big black building on the other side is the "Black Diamond, which houses the Danish National Library.

By the time we reached the park Anais had slipped into dreamland. The park is centered around the old moat and trenches around Copenhagen, but unfortunately Anais didn't get to experience it this time.

It's a girl... for sure!

Anais Thima has reached the age where she really starts copying others and especially her parents. Whenever we talk she will join the conversation in a tone that is similar to ours. Another form of conversation which always fascinates children is to talk on the phone. Naturally, we're not overly keen on Anais playing around (i.e. chewing, shacking, throwing, hitting etc.) with our phones, so luckily Anais figured that anything that resembles a mobile phone probably works equally well. Well, here's Anais then talking with her Daddy's calculator. Hopefully, she will get really clever from chatting with a calculator.

Hello! Who's calling?