16 May 2008

Fingers in the cookie jar!

Anais Thima's curiosity has no limits and when Mummy leaves her purse within reach of Anais' fingers then thee obvious thing happens. Probably Anais has observed her parents using money and she knows that they constitute interesting objects.

"Who? Me!"

"Here Mommy. I was just helping you find some coins in case you need them."

12 May 2008

Grandparents visit as Daddy turns 30

If the style of language on this blog has seemed a bit archaic then you now know why that is - the author has turned 30! Yep, that's serious stuff. Anyhow, on Daddy's 30th birthday Bedstemor and Nono decided to come to Copenhagen to celebrate their son's birthday - i.e. just an excuse to come and see their Grandchild.

Here are the 3 generations.

Anais prefers her Mummy or Daddy to hold her. Ah, tired arms!

All five of us went to have dinner in the local steak joint. Here Mummy is trying to decide what to order while Anais is trying to figure out what part of the magazine she can tear apart.

The restaurant was really packed and the food took ages to be made. Anais did get quite bored and she had to be taken for several walks around the restaurant. Daddy and Mummy soon got tired of walking bent over to hold Anais' arm, but fortunately Nono could entertain Anais with something she had torn out of her magazine.

11 May 2008

Toe dipping

Finally, finally, finally, we can go to the beach in some decent warm and sunny weather! Though the weather might be warm, the sea temperature is no more than 14 degrees. That rules out any serious bathing, however a little toe dip is tolerable.

Anais Thima stepping "into" the sea for the first time. Once a wave had made her toes a bit wet she was very reluctant to go any farther out. Still, she had her first toe dip in ├śresund.

"Oh no! What have I gone into!"

If Anais won't take any serious steps into the sea then Daddy will do it for her. Here he's carried little cloud far out from the shore, but still only in knee deep water.
As a curious remark, the t-shirt from Brisbane that Anais is wearing is the very first piece of clothing that we bought for her while she was still in her Mummy's tummy. That explains the neutral sandy colour that can fit both a boy or a girl.

Summer and sunshine

It may not be as hot as in Thailand but the weather during the past few days definitely counts as summer weather. Finally, Anais Thima can get out of her confining winter clothes and jump into something more comfy. With a clear blue sky, temperatures above 20 degrees and only weak winds Anais has actually not even needed to wear a jacket the last couple of days. What a joy!

Here we visited Gil and Helene who had invited us for a brunch in their garden. Anais enjoyed having a seat of her own and munching on the selection of food. Especially, she managed to savour some strawberries! She's had strawberries only twice, but already she's crazy about them. So, her strawberry marks may be disappearing slowly, but they are replaced by real strawberry marks...

02 May 2008

Farm visit

The 2nd of May is not a holiday as such but the 1st is and so many people including all daycare staff take the 2nd as a day off. Well, then the parents need to stay home as well. So what to do on such a day? Since Anais Thima is crazy about animal picture books we thought we had better take her out to see some animals. A good place to get up close with some fauna is at the "farm-house", which lies just close to Marina's (Anais' daycare mother) house. Anais has been there with Marina many times so the animals are all familiar to her.

Anais with the goats. They are the most child-friendly of the animals and one can go into their fenced enclosure to pat them. Anais was very excited but also a little careful with the goats.

Even in the animal kingdom it seems to be the duty of the offspring to massage the back of their elders. At least, the fact that they can use four limbs at the same time makes the whole task a bit less cumbersome.

The farm also features a playground with this rocking "horse". She truly seems to be on top of the situation!

Ready to go

Anais Thima's day starts around 7:30 when she acts as our common alarm clock. First she goes to play a bit with her toys and books while Daddy cooks up some porridge for brekky. Sometimes, Mummy will also get up and keep Anais entertained mostly by reading. At around eight it's time for Anais to have her morning meal and afterwards Daddy has his breakfast with Anais getting a thin strip or two of bread. By now it will be time for Anais to have her diaper changed and to get dressed for the day. Finally, Anais brushes her teeth and she slips into the outdoor bodysuit. As the clock approaches nine Anais and Daddy are out of the door and heading for Marina's place. And then the morning is all over.

Anais ready to go to daycare.

Finding toys

You find your shoe lying around and you wonder what to do with it. In Anais Thima's mind a shoe is just another toy and like all other toys they can be chewed.

We did not allow her to chew the soles, though!

The example highlights a contemporary issue of Anais Thima crawling around the apartment in top-gear and picking up anything on her way. These days we have to rearrange our drawers regularly when our little piggy has gone through them. On the more "dangerous" cabinets we have put child-locks. Nevertheless, it is of course positive that Anais is getting more and more mobile. She already takes several steps by her self and without any support so we expect her to be walking independently within a very short time. That's when our worries really start!