12 May 2008

Grandparents visit as Daddy turns 30

If the style of language on this blog has seemed a bit archaic then you now know why that is - the author has turned 30! Yep, that's serious stuff. Anyhow, on Daddy's 30th birthday Bedstemor and Nono decided to come to Copenhagen to celebrate their son's birthday - i.e. just an excuse to come and see their Grandchild.

Here are the 3 generations.

Anais prefers her Mummy or Daddy to hold her. Ah, tired arms!

All five of us went to have dinner in the local steak joint. Here Mummy is trying to decide what to order while Anais is trying to figure out what part of the magazine she can tear apart.

The restaurant was really packed and the food took ages to be made. Anais did get quite bored and she had to be taken for several walks around the restaurant. Daddy and Mummy soon got tired of walking bent over to hold Anais' arm, but fortunately Nono could entertain Anais with something she had torn out of her magazine.

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