30 June 2008

Conquering the beach

One windy Saturday Anais Thima went with Daddy to the beach. Now that she can walk it is really nice to let her explore the beach, the sand, the water and the weather.

Anais is giving Daddy a break and helps him push the pram.

Total domination of the bridge to the beach-park! Anais found extreme pleasure in walking from one side to the other of the bridge and then climbing the small curb at the fence.


Anais Thima is very fortunate that there are several playmates around here age in the back yard. As posted earlier, one of her best friends is the girl just next door, Gylta, who is 3 months older than Anais. When Gylta sees Anais she will start to call "iis, iis". Actually, Gylta has the honour of being the first person, besides her parents, that Anais calls by a name. When Anais comes back from daycare and expects to possibly meet Gylta she starts calling "Adja, adja". She sometimes also says "Jija", which actually comes pretty close. Unfortunately, Gylta has left for a long summer holiday back to the Faeroe Islands and all her grandparents. So the two girls will miss each other. Here are some pictures of them playing together in the back yard.

It gets a bit crowded around the slide! Both girls like it.

Gylta is VERY keen on hugging people and especially Anais. Gylta's hugs can sometimes be a little too firm and persistent for Anais' taste, but Anais is quite tolerant. It is as if Anais knows what to expect from Gylta knowing that she does it with good intentions.

Sharing the toys!

22 June 2008


This weekend Anais Thima and her parents had a visit from Dadddy's cousin and her friend from Slovenia/Croatia (more pictures from that will come in a subsequent post). On that occasion we headed in to town to tour some sights and look around town. Anais is eager to explore the town as well and of course there's plenty for a little girl to see.

Here we stopped for a spot of coffee at the small square called Gråbrødre Torv. The square has no cars and only a few people at this time of day. Hence, Anais was allowed to walk anywhere she wanted. Here she's traversing the cobbled stones.

The square also features a water sculpture with a little pool around it. Hey, that is great fun for Anais. "Do I dare to touch?"

Anais right after sticking her hand in to the water.

19 June 2008

The small joys of life

Anais Thima still likes to be taken around in her push-chair - if she were to walk everywhere herself it would take two days to go shopping, as she keeps walking back and forth and here and there, never in a straight line! When we get home we need to put the pram in the cellar room , which is accessed via a small ramp. Now, Anais just loves going down this ramp and when we go up the ramp after opening the door she's soooooo excited. It is encouraging to see someone enjoying such a small thing.

He, he! If only we could add sound to the image... you would hear the most heartfelt laughter =;)

A day in the sun

Lately we've had some pretty decent summer weather in Denmark and Anais Thima truly enjoys to get out an play. She's become really fond of the sand-box in our backyard, and since she's become an avid walker she loves exploring every corner of the yard.

The high outdoor temperature allows Anais to wear light clothes, short sleeves, shorts, sandals and then a sun-hat with a huge shade to keep the sun out of her eyes. In the beginning she would take off the hats we put on her, but these days she's got the point of wearing them. Mummy and Daddy think that this hat makes her look like a little lady.