22 June 2008


This weekend Anais Thima and her parents had a visit from Dadddy's cousin and her friend from Slovenia/Croatia (more pictures from that will come in a subsequent post). On that occasion we headed in to town to tour some sights and look around town. Anais is eager to explore the town as well and of course there's plenty for a little girl to see.

Here we stopped for a spot of coffee at the small square called Gråbrødre Torv. The square has no cars and only a few people at this time of day. Hence, Anais was allowed to walk anywhere she wanted. Here she's traversing the cobbled stones.

The square also features a water sculpture with a little pool around it. Hey, that is great fun for Anais. "Do I dare to touch?"

Anais right after sticking her hand in to the water.

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