14 July 2008

Got that swing!

In the spirit of the unfolding Copenhagen Jazz Festival, Anais Thima has decided that she also wants some swing! Well, it's a slightly different kind of swing that she has in mind, but fun nevertheless. Two months ago she was afraid of swings, but now she digs it big time!

No doubt... that's a lot of fun!

Well, we don't need to look excited all the time. It's also important to concentrate on the situation in order to try an understand what's going on. "How does this work?"

10 July 2008

Just Anais Thima

This picture is just a very good illustration of our Little Cloud's personality, and believe us when we say that she's got PLENTY of personality these days. Her daycare mother agrees with her parents that she's a girl who knows what she want and also what she doesn't want. This doesn't mean that she's unreasonable, only it's not that easy to get her to do something that she doesn't want to do =:)

Anais thima ready to go out! She's wearing her raincoat and pants and as is usual when Mummy or Daddy are a bit too slow she's brought along an extra pair of shoes just to say that it's about time she goes out =;)

06 July 2008

Beach picninc

With Mummy's thesis finished and perfect weather conditions the Clouds decided to take their dinner to the beach. We loaded the pram with food, blankets and Little Cloud before heading to the "Amager Strandpark". There we found a nice spot close to the water and took some time to play before munching Mummy's red curry... okay, little cloud had her own food. Anais Thima is still not too fond of the sea and cannot be convinced to step into the water.

This is our little shelter. It gives shade from the bright sun and also shelters against the wind.

Oh what a joy... all that sand! Anais just loves playing with sand, digging in and shoveling it into a bucket. On the beach she also gets the exciting opportunity to add water to her activities. Since she's only wearing bathing pants it also not a problem if she gets wet.

Daddy disturbs Anais while playing! "What do you want?"

The empty bottle from Mummy and Daddy's beverage. "Didn't you leave some for me?"

01 July 2008

Bed twister

Sometimes you enter the bedroom and you find this:

If I slept like this I would have sore muscles for a whole week. How do babies do this?