23 August 2008

Airborne Anais

The last couple of days Anais Thima has done a whole lot of traveling. First, she went early Friday morning with Mummy and Daddy to Aalborg for Mummy's final exam. Anais was very patient and helped Mummy concentrate on her exam, which she passed very well. In the evening the Clouds returned to Copenhagen and slept immediately. Next day everyone had to get up early to pack their suitcases for their trip to the Far East. Anais went with Daddy to pick up his poster from Daddy's work and upon returning back home Anais patiently waited and watched her parents stuffing bags with all kinds of clothes and other stuff. Then it was off by taxi to the airport where first thing was that the taxi driver forgot to unload one of the bags! 45 minutes of panic later the bag was delivered by another taxi and the Clouds could rush to the chec-in and with 15 min to the flight took a brisk walk to the gate. Now everyone could "relax" during the next 10 hours of flight to Bangkok. Anais, did again bore with the situation and slept after during the last half of the flight. Arivial in Bangkok was 6 in the morning (= 01:00 in DK) i.e. long before Anais' usual waking up time. We went to Mummy's cousin to get some more sleep in a proper bed. Ah, the trip would soon continue...

A kids meal is a bit of a mouthful for someone the size of Anais. Nevertheless, it also quite a feast!

Anais has seen an elephant on the monitor. Her loud gestures attract everyone's attention.

Catching up on the latest stories.

A kind stewardess took a picture of the Clouds in their right element.

Anais wandering off in the baggage claim area in Suvarnabhumi Airport. If we don't stop her she'll go very far.

Shortly the pictures from the onwards trip to South Korea will be posted.

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