28 August 2008

First days in Seoul

While Daddy was attending the Asian Conference on Quantum Information Science Mummy and Anais Thima headed out to explore the vast city of Seoul. First task is to find the way from the hotel into town with either bus or metro. Then one has to find out how to cross the streets and then find ones way. Well, the girls managed to get around quite well with the help of the ever so friendly and patient Koreans. Compared with other big city crowds, people in Seoul are remarkably helpful and kind. Thanks for that =:)

Anais in front of Jongno Tower one of Seoul's picturesque modern high-rises.

Opposite Jongno tower is the historical Bosingak Bell Pavilion where in old days the ringing of the bells would mark the opening and closing of the city gates in the mornings and evenings respectively.

The neighbourhood around the Insadong street is littered with teahouses, restaurants and small guesthouses making it a tourist hotspot. Still, one finds just as many locals here too. Actually, Seoul is not particularly crammed with tourists.

Little cloud is happily posing in front of Dongdaemun (North Gate), which is somewhat hidden behind all the traffic. Together, with Namdaemun (South Gate) this is the remaining city gates, and both are flanked by the city's two main markets.

Anais is mingling with Seoul's business cadre.

It's a great pleasure to be out of the push-car! Anais has had to spend a lot of time being pushed around as its too crowded and there's too much traffic in Seoul for it to be safe to walk around on her own.

Back at Insadong lined with souvenir shops and filled with a relaxed atmosphere.

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