28 September 2008

Sick baby

Shortly after returning from Thailand Anais became weak and tired. At first there was no obvious signs of any disease, but then she had some brief temperature increases and after a few days she developed red rashes all over her body. Thus the diagnosis was 'Exanthem Subitum' or 'roseola infantum', which is a very common and benign childrens disease. However, Anais did not appreciate the harmelsness her suffering and was not in a particularly good mood for almost two weeks... obviously driving her parents to near the edge...

This is right where Anais started to feel ill. She looked so sad and pathetic that it could almost break her parents heart.

23 September 2008

3000 visits counted

Well, well! Since starting the count of the visits to this page it has had
3000 visits. Thanks to everyone for following the activities of our family. And there's much much more to come in the future so keep surfing to this page =;)

21 September 2008

Bye bye everyone

Time to leave Thailand and all the attention of the family. First time Anais came to Thailand she had just learned to sit up on her own. This time as Anais returned to Thailand she could walk around and say a few words. Next time she pays a visit to her Thai relatives she will probably be speaking constantly and have developed a whole lot oof personality. Surely, everyone in Thailand is expecting her next visit already.
Here are some photos of Anais and the farewell delegation at Hat Yai airport.

Anais with Khun Yai and Na Kuang.

Wonder what Anais is trying to say? Does she think she think that there are too many photos of her.

Finally, Anais with her uncle San. She looks mighty content there.

18 September 2008

At the ZOO in Songkhla

Since Anais Thima is really fond of animals it was an obvious choice to go for a trip to Songkhla ZOO. Unfortunately, many of the animals were away for some unknown reason. Especially, the absence of the elephants was very dissappointing.

3 generations strolling together under the bird enclosure.

Anais with her grandma and cousin.

Anais and Lung San together with some non-family members.

Anais and Praeh Wah closely observing how a giraffe manages to drink - it is a bit of a wonder of nature...

14 September 2008

Daddy bye bye

After the first one and a half weeks in Thailand it was time for Daddy to go back to Denmark and leave his to girls behind for another week. This was a rather sad event but fortunately one week passed in no time.

Probably Anais Thima just likes play around the suitcase, but of course she might also try to prevent Daddy from packing anything in it.

10 September 2008

Outdoor entertainment

While we were staying in Sathing Phra there was a visiting singing and dancing show in town. This form of entertainment is known in Thai as "Ligae" and consists of a long warm up of Thai folk songs followed by traditional Thai dancing. The performances are by both male and female artists, but all are dressed in womens clothes. Anais loved the singing but she was just too tired to stay up for the dance performance.

One of the male singers.

Tanh, Da,, Phraeh Wah, Anais and Emma (Pikki) posing with another performer.

Da and Tanh are handing flower neclases to the singer. This is actually how these people make money. One person will go around selling theses neclases and the people who buy them will then go up to the stage and hand it to one of the singers. They are not made of real flowers so they can be reused over and over. Quite clever concept.

Here's the backstage of the traveling show with makeup and costume in ample supply.

09 September 2008

Playmates in Sathing Phra

There's plenty of relatives for Anais Thima to play with in Sathing Phra. Some live there and others come for visits. Of course her main companion is her "cousin" Praeh Wah, who takes really good care of Anais. Praeh Wah lets Anais play with all her toys and goes after Anais to watch out for dangers. Here are some pictures of Anais' playmates.

Just as we arrived it was Tanh's 2 year birthday and on that occasion he got a real birthday cake with 3 (?) candles.

Another young boy for Anais to play and share her Daddy with! This one is Tanh's younger brother Thi That who's only 6 months old.

Anais and Phraeh Wah playing together. Actually, Praeh Wah is more or less trailing Anais to see what she's up to, and here Anais even got away with one of Praeh Wah's slippers. This would commonly not be allowed for anyone, but Anais seems to have special privileges =:)

Playing together in the garden.

And still playing in the garden.

Okay, these are not relatives and one cannot really play with them, but these monkeys are really fun to be around as long as you watch your belongings. This group lives in Songkhla on one of the two hills in the city centre.

08 September 2008

My life as a steambun

The deep south of Thailand is a hot and humid place for a little girl who's used to a chilly Danish climate. As during her last visit to Thailand last year, from time to time Anais Thima had to withdraw to an airconditioned room and wear a minimal amount of clothes. Still, she needed a couple of baths per day to reduce stickiness and cool down.

Anais is having her breakfast wearing a diaper while pointing out the presence of the camera.

Heading south

Time to leave Central Thailand and go deep down south to Hat Yai. Yet another flight for Anais.

Pre-flight meal to keep everyone happy during the flight. Anais had only a little to eat because she found it much more amusing to push the baby seat around the restaurant and charm the staff... especially the men!

A in-flight diaper change. Anais obviously knows when to pose =:)

In the seats next to ours there was another family with two boys. Anais and the older oof the boys got along very well. While buckled up during take-off the boy and Anais were handing a small toy figure back and forth to each other so that each could play with it in short intervals. Very cute! Here the two of them have run away together...

Finally in Hat Yai where a very excited welcoming comitee awaited Anais! Anais, on the other hand, was just very tired and confused. Here she's being inspected by Na Kwang, Yai Puk, and Phee Phraeh-Wah.

07 September 2008

Visiting Auntie Peach

Time for Anais Thima to visit another Emma's cousin Peach and her Uncle Louis. They live a bit out from downtown in a nice house next to a golf course.

Anais is a little bit skeptical as always, but considering that she's never meat Auntie Peach before she's quite open.

"If I were a princes I would sit like this."

Having Thai dinner. Anais is most interested in the rice... her favorite stomach filler for the remainder of the trip.

06 September 2008

Friends in Bangkok

Time to see some of our mates in Bangkok, also known as the 'Southerner Gang'. To accommodate the children we meet at Auntie Aui's house. Aui's daughter Mi-Mi is a couple of years older than Anais and not too keen on sharing her toys =:) However, Mi-Mi also took care of Anais by holding her hand while they went for a short stroll.

Here's everyone except Daddy. All full stomachs after a meal of delicious bbq'ed prawns, crabs, squid, and snails.

Oh yeah, fans are fun - especially in a warm tropical night. But fans also pose a significant risk to small fingers, so we told Anais that a fan causes "Av!" (Danish for "ouch!"). Unforunately, that just made Anais go up to the fan, point her finger at it, and repeat "Av!". Though, she never stuck her finger into the fan it still meant us having to watch out for her all the time... So much for pedagogy =;)

Anais also got too have a shower to "de-stickify" herself. Afterwards she had a ride on an orange rubber bunny! Yep, they must live somewhere.

05 September 2008

Cruisin' round Bangkok

Anais Thima is back in Thailand for the third time in her life. The first couple of days we spent in Bangkok to see friends, family and to do some shopping. Here's some photos from our shopping efforts.

A photo of Anais and Mummy in Siam Centre in front of a photo exhibition.

While Anais' parents were busy looking for clothes she found a friend, a little girl from the Philippines. Here Anais is showing off how to unstrap her sandals.

One afternoon while Mummy had gone with Auntie Phan for some massage Anais and Daddy looked around for some nice small girls' shoes. This centre features plenty of water either in small indoor canals, in aquariums, or in fountains. Anais is very fond of water because she has learnt to say "narm" (water in Thai). It's always more fun when you can point at stuff and say what it is. Same goes for fish, "pla"!

04 September 2008

Leaving Korea...

Time to leave the country where Anais Thima is "yep-pun" and head to the country where she's "nar-rak"! After 10 days in South Korea and a lot of impressions the Clouds we're set to board the plane again.

Anais Thima exploring Incheon Airport.

Buckled up and ready for take-off. We were fortunate to have a spare seat even though we did not reserve one =;)

Actually we had the whole middle row to ourselves, so Anais could really stretch! Sometimes size is not an advantage!

Being admired once again!

03 September 2008

Lots of old stuff

Last day in Seoul we tried to catch up on the last Palace and Shrine. This was after the morning's trip to the DMZ so we were all a bit exhausted. Anyway, here is some more Korean culture.

The park in front of the Jongmyo Royal Shrine seems to be a favorite gathering place for Seoul's retired men. A lot of activity is centred around various board-games, but many of the seniors also just sit around or engage in discussions.

Here we're in the Confusian Jongmyo Shrine. This is the main hall (Jeongjeon) where each May in an elaborate and grand ceremony the memorial tablets of all Korea's kings are placed in the sections of the hall. The whole square would be filled with people in traditional Korean dress.

Anais Thima taking a well deserved nap. Driving the push-chair around on the stone paving did result in a rather bumpy ride, but this is no match for Anais' deep sleep.

A lovely scene from within the Shrine.

Now crossing the footbridge into the Changgyeonggung (Palace).

Changgyeonggung seems to function mostly as a park with a bunch of beautiful old buildings. During the Japanese occupation the palace was turned into a botanical garden and a zoo. Now there are only birds and squirrels there.

Another section of Changgyeonggung.

Anais Thima woke and pointed at the birds or the trees.

North Korea

Time for the trip's major excursion to the D... M... Z...! Yep, the Demilitarised Zone, which happens to be the most heavily armed area in the world. Since Anais Thima was with us we were not perimted to visit Panmunjeom where the ceasfire agreement was signed and where you can get up really close to North Korean Soldiers. Instead we went on the half-day trip to something called the 3rd infiltration tunnel and a South Korean observation post. Here's the story:

Peaceloving clouds at the entrance to (the tunnel leading to) the 3rd infiltration tunnel, which was one of several tunnels secretly dug by North Koreans in order to launch a surprise invasion of the South. More hilarious facts here. The toour guide noted that Anais was very patient and brave. She wasn't scared of going down in the cold, humid, narrow tunnel (2 m x 2 m). No pictures were allowed in the tunnel so this is all we have.

"Everybody look at worker's wonderland", i.e. North Korea! This is the South Korean observation post where one can get a glimpse of the enigmatic North. The view features a whole bunch of military guard posts, a very long barbed wire fence, the world's largest flagpole, and some North Korean towns. The catch is that you're not allowed to take any pictures in front of a thick yellow line drawn on the ground. So this is as close as one can get with a camera.

Here we're at the railway-station inside the DMZ. This is planned to be the neutralisation point for travelers between Pyongyang and Seoul. So far it's just a grand building!

At the parking lot just outside the DMZ, waiting for our small van to pick up the half-day tourers and take us back to Seoul. Anais is wearing her sun-hat.

In the bus going back to town Anais and Mummy talk about all that they've seen.