06 September 2008

Friends in Bangkok

Time to see some of our mates in Bangkok, also known as the 'Southerner Gang'. To accommodate the children we meet at Auntie Aui's house. Aui's daughter Mi-Mi is a couple of years older than Anais and not too keen on sharing her toys =:) However, Mi-Mi also took care of Anais by holding her hand while they went for a short stroll.

Here's everyone except Daddy. All full stomachs after a meal of delicious bbq'ed prawns, crabs, squid, and snails.

Oh yeah, fans are fun - especially in a warm tropical night. But fans also pose a significant risk to small fingers, so we told Anais that a fan causes "Av!" (Danish for "ouch!"). Unforunately, that just made Anais go up to the fan, point her finger at it, and repeat "Av!". Though, she never stuck her finger into the fan it still meant us having to watch out for her all the time... So much for pedagogy =;)

Anais also got too have a shower to "de-stickify" herself. Afterwards she had a ride on an orange rubber bunny! Yep, they must live somewhere.

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