01 September 2008

Shopping with friends and a superstar baby

From our new and strategically well placed location in Seoul's centre we were set to explore. However, God decided to bless Korea with day-long heavy rain so outdoor activities were out of the question. Meanwhile, we had arranged to meet up with some more friends in Seoul, Jinny and Miyoung. Since Emma wanted to buy some clothes (Korean cut fits somewhat better than the Danish does) we figured that we could make use of the girls' expertise in that area. We headed for the department stores around Dongdaemun Market. While Mummy was looking for chic garments Daddy was looking out for Anais Thima who was definitely not content with just sitting in her push chair. On her own feet Anais set out to explore the shopping complex. Everywhere she went she gathered all the attention from shopkeepers and fellow shoppers. This post is an attempt to show how much fuss Anais created.

First all the girls Anais, Emma, Miyoung and Jinny at the restaurant where we had our dinner. Daddy hardly had time to eat in between tracking Anais around the establishment and preventing her from getting in to trouble. Luckily, the staff were not too busy and helped playing with her =:)

This stall was across from where Mummy was buying a couple of items and thus we hung out here for a while. Anais got to play with the calculator, which in a child's imagination works fine as a phone. Anais secured one piece of candy and could have gotten a little rabbit-pin, but she didn't quite trust that it was safe.

Moving on... slowly as one has to please all the fans!

Mummy's looking at clothes! No problem, there's always someone who will stop and play a bit with Anais. By this time Anais had figured out that people usually touch her feet or her leg (they are yummy!) so that's the part of her body that she would stick out when people approach her. Not too polite, but when it's a small kid everything goes down with a laugh.

Another stop and another interested person.

Whereas in Denmark it's usually elderly or middle-aged women who appreciate small children, in Korea it was everyone; men and women of all ages!

Late night and farewell to our patient and helpful company who had to get ready for uni the next day.

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