02 September 2008

World heritage

After a late night shopping in shelter of the rain the day that followed offered hints of sunshine and we headed for some cultural immersion. We first tried the Jongmyo Shrine and then Changgyeonggung (palace), but unfortunately both were closed on Tuesdays. As a final resort we headed for Changdeokgung (palace), which is distinguished with a status as a UNESCO world cultural heritage site. The palace is not open for individual visits, but only as part of a guided tour. Thus, we hooked up on the days last tour in English and saw a historical pearl.

The Injeongjeon (Hall) is the main building of the palace. Its more modest than Gyenbokgung's throne hall, but it's set in a more varied landscape with a small hill as a backdrop that make the buildings in the palace very picturesque.

Young person amidst old buildings.

A small passageway links the king's and the queen's quarters.

Though the poace of the tour was quite steady, Anais Thima still could get out of her push chair and walk in the palace garden.

The Secret Garden (Biwon) is as much a highlight of the palace as the palace buildings. Only a small part of the garden is accessible to the tour and here we passed the Buyongji (pond) with the Buyongjeong (pavilion).

Anais Thima still strolling through the royal gardens.

All that moving about drains a lady's energy and it is necessary to take a rest. Fortunately, there are vast numbers of child-sized resting places and Anais Thima has learned how to sit down by her self.

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