31 October 2008

Mummy and I - best friends

Another sign of Anais' growing personality and awareness - one day as we were filming a video while giving Anais a bath she decided to do a little pose and also give Mummy a hug for the audience.

What a sweetie.

04 October 2008

Getting dressed myself

Putting on clothes is a very important daily activity that one must learn to master. So far Anais can put on her hat and slide into her boots. She is also very cooperative when getting into her blouse and trousers. Still some way to go before she can take over this task from her parents.

Here Anais given a go at putting on her dress. She managed to get it over her head but unfortunately it is turned upside down. Anais still seems proud of her accomplishment.

03 October 2008


Anais Thima is much like her mother very keen on reading. It's quite nice that she can sit by herself and be entertained by the books. Of course, she also enjoys having the stories read to her, though lioke any child she is much to eager to wait for the whole story and turns the pages before anyone can finish reading it.

Wow! What a story...

Books containing animals are particularly treasured by Anais. Here's an elephant, the sound of which Anais can actually say... yep, she puts all her efforts into it!