29 November 2008

Going for pizza

Part of the Saturday spent shopping in the centre. Not much to report, just a picture =;)

Mummy had an appointment so Anais and Daddy were left to find somewhere to have lunch. Well, we had a pizza together and looked at all the interesting people in the restaurant... Anais, really knows that she needs to pose for the camera!

26 November 2008

The difference between...

For Anais Thima a pen serves about the same purpose as a lipstick! If Mummy can put colour on her lips then Anais has to try something similar with the resources and skills that she is endowed with - right? Fortunately, the pens are non-toxic child-safe, so there was no health hasard.

dOne could make several suggestions for improvements: Firstly, there is the issue of choice of colour. Anais' choice would fit in well at a Kiss concert but otherwise it is not exactly the most aesthetic choice. Secondly, she needs to work on her technique. There's far too much on the upper lip and far to little on the lower =:) Well, soon she'll be a prof!

25 November 2008

Trying out the winter accessories

As the temperature steadily drops in Denmark it is necessary to wear more and more winter accessories. Anais Thima cherishes this opportunity to dress up! By now she can put on her hat and with some difficulties her gloves.

"Look at me! I'm pretty tough, hey!" Anais looks a bit like a boxer with her big warm gloves.

Alternative way of wearing a hat and scarf! Great fun it is...

22 November 2008

Christmas parade

As Christmas approaches one of the major events on Amager takes place. This is the annual Christmas parade which coincides with the lighting of the Christmas decoration on the main street, Amagerbrogade. At around 16:00 the street is lined with people and shortly after the parade rolls by.

Anais Thima tucked in under the warm blanket in her push-chair. This was a particularly cold day so the waiting time felt really long.

Ho, ho, ho...! Santa's and his helpers roll by on an oldfashioned fire engine. The parade included vintage fire engines, police cars, and busses, veteran cars, hores carriages a couple of march orchestras and much more. Anais was very absorbed in the passing scenery.

In the snow again

One day in late November the winter truly arrived in Denmark as a layer of snow covered the ground. One would think that Anais Thima should be really excited, but actually she approached this meteorological phenomenon with a great deal of skepticism. She did not mind looking at the snow, but she refrained from stepping on it.

Smiling to the photographer!

More realistic record of the situation. "help! I'm stuck on a patch of non-snow-covered soil."

19 November 2008

Drawing... something

Anais has seriously taken up drawing. It's not quite clear what it is she draws, but she sure can fill out a sheet of paper quickly. She has also experimented a bit with floor drawings, but due to strong discouragement from her parents she has given up that practice.

Anais parents notice two things. First, she uses her right hand, which will probable lead to less hassle if she sticks to that. Secondly, she holds the pen with a proper grip unlike the initial way that baby's grab - big girl!

Looking out

It's always interesting to see what is going on outside. When on top of that the mail-slit is exactly in the same height as your eyes, then it is a prefect match.

"Anybody out there?"

17 November 2008

Two of a kind

Time for Anais' parents to have some private time... Yep, they don't get much of that anymore =:) Anyway, Mummy and Daddy were going to a concert in the evening and naturally needed someone to keep an eye on little Cloud. Fortunately, one of our friends, Chutamanee Margrethe, needed a place to stay in Copenhagen during exactly that weekend, so two pieces of a puzzle matched. Even better the concert was a 20 and we managed to get Anais to bed before leaving so that she didn't even notice that we had been out. Concert was good (according to Mummy) and awesome (according to Daddy).
Anais already knows Chutamanee quite well and they share the same fate of being half Thai-Danish. Whether that creates a special bond is left untold, but at least Chutamanee should be among the select few who can decipher Anais' mix-language.

Here we are! Anais is already on her way to see the picture on the camera.

16 November 2008

Little "helper"

Another entry on "imitation". Sure its fun to do exactly the same as Mummy and Daddy. Even if Anais Thima's version of the activities end up causing a bit of a mess we have to let her unfold her creativity and hope that through practice she will one day master even the toughest tasks... such as peeling potatoes and taking out the garbage... =:)

Our little cleaning assistant! We use this one to wipe the bathroom floor and hence it is usually damp. Guess what the floor in the halway is after Anais has been mopping it?

11 November 2008

A mind of her own!

Anais' grandparents might not be too surprised to learn that she is a really stubborn girl. Sometimes it is bordering the ridiculous and certainly it is amusing.

Anais falling asleep in her pram refusing to lie down. Instead she wants to sit up and as she drowses of she will slowly bend forward. Here the raincover in collaboration with her nose are preventing her from slipping further down.

After another while this is the result... Anais has slipped down under the raincover. When we try to pull her back she will wake up, cry and sit up stiffly, whereafter she will slowly go back to sleep and the story repeats...

Street wise

Like all kids her age Anais Thima enjoys putting on some of her parents clothes. Mummy's slippers, gloves, and hats are especially desirable!

Anais looking following a city trend with Mummy's hat.

Yo! Brotha and Sista! What's driftin'!

07 November 2008

Fun with Mummy and mobile

Anais Thima has really cast her love on cell-phones. We have to be careful to lock the key-pad or we might get some very expensive bills! Anais has also become very apt at imitating a telephone conversation. It always starts with "Halloe..." and then has some conversation before it ends with a "hi, hie". Anyway, here's Anais with her mother and the cell-phone.

Anais' "tricky" look! She seems to be thinking "he, he! look what I have. What should I do with it now?"

Bursting out!

04 November 2008

Biking with Daddy

Since May 2008 Anais Thima has had the exhilarating pleasure of being driven around in a bicycle baby-seat. She sits in front of the engine i.e. Daddy and is thus able to keep track of everything ahead of her. She finds it much more interesting to ride the bike than the push-chair as the bike is just so much faster and new views pop up much more rapidly. Only problem is when it's windy, raining or snowing, since then she sits in a very exposed position. Then again she must learn to be resilient to all types of weather like her Daddy who grew up on the windblown west-coast of Denmark =:)

This is on her morning trip too the daycare where she passes through the cemetery. In one corner there is usually a flock of pigeons feeding on breadcrumbs. Every time we pass that corner Anais will be looking out for the birds and be greatly exited when they are in place.

This is an older picture from the spring where Anais went on her first long ride on the bike. Here she's "parked" in front of the opera house in Copenhagen.

It was a long trip so Anais got quite saturated with new impressions.

02 November 2008

Yummy, my favourite piece

Yet another liking Anais has inherited from her Mummy is that for crispy things. So, her parents do not get to keep any of the crispy parts of roasts or the end pieces of bread loafs.

Yum, yum! What can be more crispy than the skin of a pork-roast ("flæskesværd").

01 November 2008

Sampling toys

When we need some clothes for Anais we tend to walk a few blocks to what has to be Copenhagen's biggest and cheapest second hand store for kids wear. To top it up the store has a section for second hand toys, so as Mummy and Daddy search for "boring" clothes Anais can try out all the toys she wants. Quite a clever arrangement.

Anais enjoying the moment.

Autumn walk

As autumn is taking over Denmark it's time to dress Anais more warm. So she gets to show off Anais' autumn wardrobe =:)

Walking round the block.