20 December 2008

Swing and splash (not a new dance)

On this sunny Saturday in December we did not have much shopping to do as the following day we would be heading for Croatia. That left even more time to go to the playground and for a walk to look at the fascinating world.

For Anais Thima the first and most important activity on the playground is to swiiiiiiiiing! The daycare-mother, Marina, says that Anais doesn't like to swing when she's in daycare, but man does she like the swings when with her parents! The swing just can't get high enough...

Water... the source of life... and wholehearted pleasure for all children. Every time she sees a puddle she her course is set directly towards it and then 'splish-splash' she trips around in it. Fortunately, Anais' boots have been treated to be water resistant and her trousers have been folded up a bit. And one more thing, Anais can actually say "pyt", which is the Danish word for water-puddle.

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