23 January 2009

New favourites

Anais has acquired some new favourite menus.

Springrolls are crispy and deep-fried. Not a surprise that they go down well.

Sushi is a bit more of a gamble, but they do contain the always popular rice as well as crispy seaweed, which turned to be an all time favourite of Anais (since eating her first sushi she has kept asking for seaweed to eat as snack). Of course, making your own sushi is fun, and Anais more or less got the hang of it =:)

01 January 2009

2008 -> 2009

Having just come home from our Balkan trip we had little time to arrange for any new-years celebration, but fortunately we made a practical appointment with our neighbours to spend the evening together. This way Anais could play with their daughter Gylta and by midnight we had Anais sleeping in our apartment, while we were next door (with a baby alarm and our ears listening at the wall) welcoming the new year together. Luckily, the noise from the fireworks did not wake Anais - she must have been really really tired.

Gylta and Anais playing with the knife!

Anais exploring Gylta's room... lots of toys and space.

Uhm, dessert.