14 February 2009

Feeding well fed birds

One Sunday going back from Church we passed by the frozen lakes in Copenhagen. This gave an excellent opportunity to feed some hungry birds.

Tossing crumbs at the pigeons and gulls.

The fence has just the right height. Behind Anais is the provider of the bird-feeding-bread Allan with the pram with Anais' younger friend Anna.

Hello little pigeon.

10 February 2009


Anais Thima's second fastelavn, but the first one to be dressed up! Usually, the daycare will celebrate fastelavn the traditional way with kids hitting/banging the barrel until it breaks and spills out the goodies hidden inside. Unfortunately, her daycare mother got sick right on that day, and Anais had to go to the 'guest house' where there was no such celebration.

Anais posing in her fastelavn's costume, which is a northern Thai hill-tribe style dress that we bought last time we were in Thailand. In front of her is her fastelavnsris, which she brought the day before.

Enjoying a pack of raisins.

Picture with Mummy.

Picture with Daddy.

04 February 2009

Having fun at home

Various shots of Anais at home:

Smiling to the camera. Actually, it is not that easy to get Anais to smile for the camera. If she's not in the mood you may forget about it!

The joy of breaking conventions!

Sometimes the bicycle helmet is so nice you want to wear it all the time...

Wearing Mummy's stuff.

01 February 2009

Snow in Denmark

This winter we had some snow, and there was enough for Anais to enjoy it. Unlike, the previous year she is no longer intimidated by the snow cover =:)

In the child-seat on Daddy's bike on the way to the daycare.

Anais in the daycare mother's jumbo pram together Annika and Freja. Her other friend Hannibal is running around in the snow.

Our yard one morning after a snow had fallen.

Going to the playground in Lergravsparken. Anais loves to open the gate and makes dead sure its properly closed when we leave - things are to be in order!

Still in Lergravsparken walking towards the metro station.