23 December 2008

Opatija out of season

Well in Rijeka, we decided to spend the next day in Opatija. This small town used to be a sea-side resort for the Austrian-Hungarian nobility and has attracted a range of artists and wealthy people from across Europe. These, days many of the old hotels remain, and in summer it is still a high-end holiday destination.

Out of season the service is a bit sloppy. Wake up!

On the beach-front with a view of Rijeka.

When there's no one sunbathing there's plenty of room to play with your doll.

We decided to park the car near the main "beach" and walk along the looooong promenade. Actually it is possible to walk all the way to Rijeka.

Here we stopped for some lunch.

Anais Thima peeling and egg.

Mummy with the push-chair heading for one of the old hotels.

The proper promenade ends in Volosko, a small fishing village, which now hosts a bunch of expensive restaurants. We had some 2nd lunch in a small gostilnica (tavern) on the main street of Volosko. We had absolutely yummy barbecued baby squids and sardines.

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