17 June 2010

Wrapping up our life in Denmark

One piece of advice: don't move to another continent if you can avoid it... Why? Just look at the below series of pictures!

We slowly started to pack our stuff in May but as we found out that we had to go no later than on the 18th of June our packing efforts gained some momentum. It did not take us long to turn our whole apartment in to what looked like a scene from a civil war! The task at hand was to separate and logically pack all our belongings for storing in Denmark, giving away, shipping to Canada, and taking with us on the plane trip. Here's a couple of photos of what that task does to your apartment:

No. 1: Mess is on the increase!

No. 2: The mess peaks in a state of absolute disorder.

No. 3: Mess is reducing as "boxification" is starting to eat in on it.

No. 4: Mess should be gone as all boxes for shipping and storing have been removed. Suitcases enter the stage!

No. 5: Change of angle to capture the suitcases lined up for departure.

Now, how does one manage all this! The answer is a combination of large doses of stress hormones, complete sleep deprivation, a BIG helping hand, and a reasonable amount of organisation. The first two ingredients are somewhat hard to illustrate, but the last two are tangible.

One form of planning involves check-lists. During the packing we were a bit short of stationary objects so we hijacked the fridge door and used it as a whiteboard.

Here's the helping hand, Chutamanee all the way from Haderslev/Ã…rhus. She stayed with us over a weekend+ and besides her brute work effort she also contributed with packing wisdom and acted as a buffer against any controversies between the moving couple =:) A true friend in need.

Laying down the tactics.

Fine packing! I suppose this could go under the organising part since much of the packing involves immaculate geometric considerations on space availability and object volumes.

What did Anais think of all this? Well, it definitely looks like she's thinking about it. Fortunately, she was going to kindergarten during the weekdays and to a large extent her days went by as usual. Only, she had trouble watching TV due to the pile of boxes and she could not play in the living room.

Last night in Denmark we all slept on just the mattress.

Finally, the shipment can be delivered to the shipping company. We pick Blue Water, which is a company we've dealt with before, and they are from Esbjerg (so they've got to be decent =:)

Bye bye belongings... at least for one to to months.

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