16 July 2010

Neighbourhood stroll

One evening we went for a little walk around our neighbourhood with the (covert) goal of getting a look at Nose Hill. Finally, we made it up to John Laurie Blvd., which goes along the Nose Hill nature park, and were able to get a nice view over the city.

Downtown Calgary as seen from the slope of Nose Hill. One thing to notice is that besides the downtown core the rest of Calgary looks almost like a forest. This is not just an illusion, because trees are everywhere from people's gardens and in the multitude of public parks. Probably, due to the fact that the town is so spread out and most people live in houses (with gardens), Calgary is one of North America's wooded cities.

Right were we stopped there was a field of dandelions, almost all of them carrying seeds. Oh, what a joy for Anais Thima who would go and pick one and then come to the bench and blow the seeds off.

14 July 2010

Out & about

Here's a few random photos of our movements in Calgary.

We brought Anais Thima's kick-bike with us so that she can keep practicing her bicycling skills. Calgary is a bit more hilly than Copenhagen so she found out she had to take slightly more care and she also gets tired faster.

The quickest way to move about in Calgary is to take the C-Train, which is a light-rail that runs along (only) two lines. We're not living right next to the C-Train, but when we go downtown it is and option for us to catch a bus and then change to the train. Here Anais brought along her drawing and we're on our way to sign up for Alberta Health Care cards.

Wherever the C-Train doesn't go there is usually a bus that will. However, they are not so frequent especially out of peak hours. Hence, we have spent some time at bus stops. It is not always that Anais is so high-spirited as on this photo.

Walking the final stretch back from the bus stop. We are lucky to live very close to the intersection of 14th St. (a major access route to down-town) and Northmount Dr., which is serviced by two bus routes. Hence, we have only a few minutes walk from most busses.

13 July 2010

Everything is bigger "over there"

As is visible from the pictures in the previous posts the spring and summer in Calgary have been unusually wet and cold causing the landscape to be somewhat greener and lusher than normal. We've had some really heavy thunderstorms, but the most recent one packed an additional surprise - really chunky hails! Fortunately all of us were inside, either at home, in the kindergarten, or at the university.

The courtyard in front of the Science B building right at the peak of the hail-storm. It's even a bit hard to see the hail because of the loads of twigs and leaves that have been trashed from off the trees.

Here's one of the fellas causing all the havoc! I would say that compares to a large sized walnut.

Here's the result of the hail on the green house of the Department of Biological Sciences. I guess a couple of research projects have to start over again.

The storm really wrecked the foliage. Many cars also had their hoods and roofs severely dented. Yep, that's what the weather can do

11 July 2010


Here's an introduction to "our house in the middle of our street". Actually, we live on a 'drive' - whatever that means... These are mostly pictures from outside, but as we decorate the interior a bit more - roughly in 1 month when all our stuff arrives by ship/train - we will publish some photos of our new home from inside.

The girls at the front door. We have a rather big and not particularly useful front garden, which is mainly just a lawn. To the left is the living room and the set of small windows on the right are for the bedrooms where Anais and we sleep. One can also just see the windows of the basement apartment where the brother of the landlord lives. We have separate entrances though.

We live in the neighboourhood called Collingwood, which on this picture is roughly the area left of the big road (14th St.) and in front of the hill (Nose Hill). We'll get a better picture later =:)

Anais Thima enjoying the large living-room window. People really take great pride in their lawns and front gardens.

In the backyard Anais is lucky to have her very own tree house, which the landlord built for his kids. It is even painted purple on one of the sides! Only problem is that the steps are still too far apart for Anais to safely climb them on her own. So we need to watch her every time she wants to get up in to the tree house.

Another favourite occupation for Anais is to dig in the garden... and that she can do now.