17 August 2010

Stampede breakfasts

Finally, we publish some pictures from the Calgary Stampede in the beginning of July. We had only barely arrived to Calgary as we were confronted with this very special Calgary experience. Besides the activities in the Stampede itself, the whole "stampede week" is cramped with all sorts of happenings, mostly revolving around a stampede breakfast. A stampede breakfast is an event where pancakes, sausages, etc. are offered for free to anyone passing by and queuing up. There are hundreds of these events all over town and to locate them there are even online search tools to assist the hungry masses. Here are a few snapshots:

First a large stampede breakfast at Brentview Baptist Church, which is close to where we live. One should take note of the word queuing, because that is the effort one has to make to get the free breakfast. This breakfast was held on the parking lot of the church. It is located just across from a small shopping centre and supermarket, which certainly added to the number of attendants. In the far left there was also a live "country/western band"!

That's a typical stampede breakfast serving. Anais went straight for the pancakes!

Besides the breakfast there was a wide range of child-friendly activities. Anais particularly enjoyed jumping around in the bouncy balls.

Even Anais' kindergarten/preschool arranged a stampede breakfast where parents were welcome to join in for a pancake.


Jonas said...

So how many pancakes did Anais manage to eat during this event? And you?

I øvrigt, hvornår skrev du dette indlæg? I titlen står der 17. august, men den dukkede først op i min Google Reader nu. Samme med Child's Play indlægget, men Downtown indlægget kom tilsyneladende samme dag eller samme dag som datoen her på bloggen.

Daniel Oblak said...

With respect to the number of consumed pancakes Anais cleared the dish i.e. two pancakes. She could have munched even more, but one was only supposed to take one serving.

Tjah, det der med datoerne er lidt tricky. Sagen er at jeg oploader billederne og opretter et kladde indlæg. Derfter tager det mig mellem 1 dag og 3 måneder før jeg faktisk skriver indlægget. Deraf de besynderlige datoer. Jeg kunne også vælge at datostemple indlæggene alt efter hvornår billederne er taget...